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Doug's Mailbag: Want a Windows 8 Tablet?

Readers give their opinions on the prospect of a tablet device running Windows 8:

I don't really like working with the Android OS -- don't ask me why. I feel more comfortable in the Windows environment -- perhaps it's my age. I will be close to retirement and would not be using it for work -- unless the economy forces me to work in retirement (highly likely since I work for the USG and am under the new retirement plan, which, although better than no retirement plan, is not great). I am hoping that it would also incorporate e-reader capabilities. My husband has a Nextbook and an HP Touch. The Nextbook does not provide him with the opportunity for as many apps so he mainly uses that as an e-reader. He loves the HP -- too bad they are taking it off the market.

So, I will judge when there are some real Windows 8 tablets out there and see how they perform. Touch is nice but I am not wedded to it.

Do I want or desire a Win 8 Tablet?  Absolutely!
I'm now using Windows Phone 7.5 on my smartphone and love it. I've had an iPhone, iPad, etc -- didn't like it, won't buy it again and now waiting for Win 8.

I am definitely looking forward to Window 8 tablets. Will I get rid of my android tablet? No, but the Windows tablet will be more of a work horse.
This is really all going to come together 2012 Q4 when Intel's next chips hit the scene. I will expect to pay significantly more for a Windows tablet that will have more power to it. And, of course, it will be easy to synch with other workstations.

Really cool would be to have a retina screen or something approaching it. I will also be looking at slates, and Windows 8 might see a revival of this form factor for professionals.
As far as phones, at the time Windows phone was not available through Verizon. Getting the major providers behind the platform is necessary for success, even in Microsoft loses dollars on the phone to get it into the ecosystem, thus boosting the overall experience.

P.s.: I am a software developer / architect.

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Posted on 12/05/2011 at 1:18 PM


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