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Tables Turned on Windows Tablets

According to Forrester Research, the excitement over Windows tablets is fading, which is kind of like saying that sales of Milli Vanilli albums are down.

In fact, the research reminded me that there are actually Windows 7 tablets on the market -- I plum forgot.

One problem (besides competing with the iPad and Android devices) is that Windows 7 tablets weren't designed for touch from the get-go -- touch was more of an afterthought.
But Windows tablets aren't exactly dead in the water. They are just struggling for breath. The lifesaver may be Win 8, which has a pure tablet interface, and in its preview release, already has a feel for touch.

Early this year, things weren't totally dire. Forrester found that a bit less than half of those surveyed actually wanted a Windows tablet. I'm thinking these respondents wanted a true PC companion, much like a netbook (except more fun to use).

By the third quarter, only one quarter of respondents still wanted a Windows device. Taking up that slack is the iPad, which went from a 16 percent want rate to 28 percent.

Do you have or want a Windows tablet, or will Win 8 tablets be too little, too late? Answers to all welcome at [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on 11/30/2011 at 1:18 PM


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