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Doug's Mailbag: Phone of Choice, Another IT Blunder

Readers chime in with their top choices for smartphones:

iPhone, but I also like the Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7.

It's BlackBerry! The reason is because of the BES, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which keeps my BlackBerry in sync with everything I keep in Outlook. If my employer didn't use Exchange and BES, I am not so sure I'd feel the same way. I have tried MS Exchange Active Sync and it does NOT keep as much information on my Apple iPad as BES does on my BlackBerry. Whether other e-mail clients would do better with ActiveSync I just don't know -- but guess what? I don't have to find out!  

Probably BlackBerry but Android is sooo good.

Here's another reader's mistake in the IT realm:

I can laugh now but 10 years ago I was working on an upgrade to an extremely important database table and needed to refresh the data in the development version from the production table.

So I logged into the database, truncated the table and realized my mistake when I went to load the data -- I was logged onto the production database and not the development instance. The fault was entirely mine, but I think the creator of the database instances should share in some of it as he had used the same password for the owner's account for all three database instances (development, staging and production).

Luckily we were able to restore the data from the previous night's backup with minimal loss. And I convinced management to institute a policy of enforcing different passwords between database instances.

Lesson learned.
– Erik

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Posted by Doug Barney on 02/16/2011 at 1:18 PM


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