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NetBIOS — The Service That Wouldn't Die

With the slow but steady migration to Windows 2000, NetBIOS receives another stay of execution. So, how does this collective pet peeve affect you?

ERD to the Rescue

Despite the common thought that the Emergency Repair Disk utility is MIA in Win2K, this backup tool is alive and well — and ready to save the day.

Take It Offline

When network connections are unavailable, Windows 2000’s Offline Files can keep you going.

Inter.NET Initiative

.NET acknowledges that the Internet is now the application platform environment. And Windows? Just a significant port in the storm.

Dfs Development

The domain file system in Windows 2000 lets you set up a logical representation of network shares. Here’s how to build a new namespace that’s easier for users to traverse.

Exposing the File System

The strengths of NTFS are often taken for granted. But Windows 2000 exposes new features hidden in the humble file system.

AD Administrator’s Toolbelt

In this second phase of your Active Directory testing, it’s time to try out the utilities included in Windows 2000 to simplify your networking duties.

Active Directory Install, Step by Step

Even if you lack a Windows 2000 lab, you can still map out the process of directory service installation.

Active Directory by Design

Your education on AD begins with the components that deliver its services. This month: the store.

Back to Work

Put aside your latest list of one-alarm fires for a few hours and spend some time planning your disaster recovery response.

Meta-Directory Mindset

Integrating the directories of various operating systems isn't a simple matter. Michael lays out the challenge.

Group Think

Windows 2000 provides new mechanisms for keeping track of users and groups. But the familiar rules for managing them still apply.

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