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3 Reasons to Dump Your Exchange Server

Now may be the time to outsource your Exchange server -- here's why.

Why Your Business Fears the Windows 7 Upgrade

It's more than the legitimate concerns about cost, compatibility and execution -- it comes down to the role of the operating system itself.

Is It Time to Retire the Traditional VPN?

Microsoft Direct Access in Windows Server 2008 R2 combined with Microsoft ForeFront United Access Gateway (UAG) 2010 may replace the VPN -- for the better.

Virtualization and the Second Death of the 'White Box'

Why, when it comes to virtualization, do-it-yourself design is often a bad thing.

RemoteFX Enhances the RDS User Experience

RemoteFX represents a significant update to the graphics-processing capabilities of the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) core Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

New Advice for Building Your IT Team

Why generalists are gaining favor in cash-strapped IT departments.

Understanding Microsoft's New Windows Virtual Desktop Licensing with Software Assurance

As of July 1, Microsoft will bundle VDI/VDA licensing for the Windows client OS into Software Assurance (SA). Here's how the changes may affect you.

Why You Need User Virtualization

User virtualization offers IT shops more control, makes remote management easier and improves the overall experience for end-users.

Windows PowerShell Is Not a Scripting Language

Even if you're no longer a hands-on, technical IT practitioner, you've surely got some familiarity with it.

Hyper-V's Missing Feature

Windows Insider has returned to Redmond -- and it feels good to be home!

UAC: When To Turn It Off

Want to jump into Vista but don't want to deal with UAC? Make it go away!

Auditing Doesn't Have to Stink

Both Vista and Windows Server 2008 make logging and retrieving event data easier.

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