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Down the Winding InfoPath

Use Microsoft's least-understood Office tool to create XML-based forms.

VMware Changes the Playing Field

VMware's Player tool can make architectures you used to only dream of a reality. Our new Windows Insider columnist, Greg Shields, walks you through the possibilities as well as tips for increasing performance.

Data Protection Manager

Bill Boswell covers Microsoft's DPM in his last column as <span class="a11">Redmond</span> says a fond farewell to its favorite Windows Insider.

What's New in R2

Bill likes much of what he finds in the latest Windows Server 2003 upgrade.

The Security Configuration Wizard

With Windows 2003 SP1, you get a single, authoritative source of lockdown settings you can deploy with a single stroke that are fully supported by Microsoft.

Extend the Limits of Group Policy

Don't let either the real or perceived limitations in Microsoft's default Group Policies prevent you from taking full advantage of this technology.

Notify with WMI

Find out how to use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for system notifications without having to write scripts.

Smooth Deployment Wrinkles with ADS

Bill looks at the pros (lots) and cons (few) of Microsoft's Automated Deployment Services tool.

(Almost) Painless Schema Mods

You might want to take a few precautionary steps prior to initiating ADPREP.

Linux-Windows Single Sign-On

Follow these steps and have your users logging on at their Linux/Unix desktops with their Windows accounts.

Master and Command Line

Using the Windows GUI is fine—if you want to go slow. Learn to use the command line and move into the administration fast lane.

GPO Mouse Trap

Propagating the changes made to a Group Policy Object out to all the affected domain clients involves a complex array of interconnecting pieces.

Office 365 Watch

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