Windows Insider

Cut the Crap

Using Microsoft's new File Storage Resource Manager tool to stop users from filling up their hard drives with all sorts of useless stuff.

Spend Less Time Looking for Logs

Here's Greg's short list of some key extended Active Directory log reports.

Get a Grip on Those Gripes

From software packaging to lying users, the world can be an annoying place for IT admins.

Virtually Ending Conflicts

Microsoft seeks to end system software conflicts with SoftGrid.

Speed Up Terminal Server

Streamline your Terminal Services for Windows 2003 with these Registry tweaks.

Extending Security

Secure non-Microsoft server apps with your own SCW extensions.

The Guiding Lights

Harden your computers' defenses with the tips in these Microsoft studies.

Down the Winding InfoPath

Use Microsoft's least-understood Office tool to create XML-based forms.

VMware Changes the Playing Field

VMware's Player tool can make architectures you used to only dream of a reality. Our new Windows Insider columnist, Greg Shields, walks you through the possibilities as well as tips for increasing performance.

Data Protection Manager

Bill Boswell covers Microsoft's DPM in his last column as <span class="a11">Redmond</span> says a fond farewell to its favorite Windows Insider.

What's New in R2

Bill likes much of what he finds in the latest Windows Server 2003 upgrade.

The Security Configuration Wizard

With Windows 2003 SP1, you get a single, authoritative source of lockdown settings you can deploy with a single stroke that are fully supported by Microsoft.

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