CodeSMART 2003 for VS .NET

An add-in that makes VS.NET smarter.


A unified look at ActiveX and COM components.

Visual UML

Drag-and-drop UML diagramming.

ANTS Profiler

A low-overhead, non-intrusive code optimizer.

Quick Look: AppScan

Keep security in mind during the development process.

Beta Preview: AutoCAD 2004

Design tool adds new tool palettes and other UI enhancements.

WSDL Editor

Cape Clear's excellent—and free—Web Services editor.


Rounding up the best news via RSS.


The road map for your .NET object development.

Compliance Made Simple

Ease administration with Enterprise Configuration Manager.

Secure Fundamentals

Network Intrusion Detection: Third Edition builds the foundation for an informed network security analyst.

Network Access, Anywhere

ITWorx's Fileway 1.1 provides a Web tunnel to your internal resources.

Simple Wizardry

Neoteris Access 3000 magically secures your connections.

Yeah, I’ve Got Mail

Caelo’s Email Organizer creates order from chaos.

Hands-On SQL

Not for beginners, SQL Performance Tuning is an instant classic.

Keep Current

Exchange updates with Discus Data’s ActiveDL 4.1.

Enterprise Architect

A full-blown UML environment on the cheap? Yes!

Quick Look: RoboHelp Office Pro for .NET

Its WebHelp may become a de facto standard.

SourceGear Vault

Keep source code under control with this VSS replacement.


New installer entrant is programmatically extensible.

Office 365 Watch

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