An Expert's Guide to Total Network Security

A concise, once-over book for the security novice and expert.

Build Cross-Platform PDA Apps

AppForge Crossfire 5.0 is a VS.NET 2003 add-in that lets you build applications for multiple mobile platforms from a single code base.

A Day in the Wireless Playground

SMC has a full line of cards, bridges and routers.

Exchange Server 2003: Just the Facts Ma'am

Delta Guides tell you only what's new

Veritas Tackles Offsite Backup

Storage Replicator is a fine alternative to failover.

Fast, Easy Insight into Windows Server 2003

</i>Insider Solutions <i>is a smooth, well-crafted look at Windows 2003.

Add Charts With Ease

Dundas Chart for .NET is an easy-to-use tool for adding chart presentations to ASP.NET and WinForms applications.

A Rare Look at Windows Storage

If you need to dig into the guts, this book may be for you. Then again, maybe not.

Getting to Know Exchange 2003

One thousand pages of pure modern messaging insight

Integrating Windows and Unix Accounts

Vintela eases integration by replacing NIS with AD.

The Next Wave of Integration

Microsoft’s Services for Unix ties two OS combatants together.

70-330 and 70-340: Sweating over Security

These two new exams for developers really put your secure coding expertise to the challenge.

Add Rich UI Capabilities

Infragistics' NetAdvantage 2004 is a suite of high-performing and feature-laden UI components for developing Windows, Tablet PC, and ASP.NET applications.

Control Schizophrenia

FSLogic Protect 1.0 supports multiple personalities.

Ooops! Recovering Deleted Files: Volume Snapshots vs. Undelete 4.0

Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services and Undelete 4.0 are a potent one-two punch.

A Live Meeting Minus the Airfare

Microsoft’s newest collaboration tool.

Keeping Pace With Patches

Ecora automates Windows and Unix patch management.

Share and SharePoint Alike

Managing and sharing documents the Microsoft way.

Test Code-Access Security

CAS/Tester from Desaware runs your application through an automated test suite that assesses and reports on your app's code-access security.

Snappier Throughput Through Thorough Defrag

Executive Software's Diskeeper 8.0 can restore speed lost to scattered files.

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