Office 365 Excel Users Can Now Import Table Data from PDF Files

Microsoft announced this week that's it's now possible for Office 365 users to import table data from Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.

Microsoft Unveils Open Service Mesh Project for Use with Kubernetes

Microsoft wants to donate the code for a new Open Service Mesh (OSM) project, designed to run on Kubernetes, to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), according to a Wednesday announcement.

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Microsoft Teams Getting Advanced Communications Option Plus New Device Support

Microsoft announced the release of an Advanced Communications product addition for organizations using Microsoft Teams.

Open Source Security Foundation Joined by Microsoft and Others To Improve Linux Software

Microsoft on Monday announced that it has joined the newly created Open Source Security Foundation, along with other industry partners, to improve the security of open source software.

Microsoft Releasing My Sign-Ins and App Lock Azure Active Directory Protections

Microsoft announced a couple of Azure Active Directory-based security enhancements this week, which are now available for end users.

Microsoft To End Some Cortana Capabilities for U.S. Consumers

Microsoft on Friday announced plans to pull back on some of Cortana's capabilities for U.S. consumers, while also promoting it as more of a personal digital assistant for Microsoft 365 business users.

Microsoft Confirms Talks To Buy TikTok Social Media Service

Microsoft confirmed in a Sunday announcement that it is engaged in negotiating with Beijing-based ByteDance to buy some of its TikTok consumer social media service holdings.

Microsoft Previews Azure Active Directory Application Proxy Protections for RDS-Based Web Clients

Microsoft announced this week that it's possible to use the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy service with Remote Desktop Services (RDS)-based Web clients to add additional security for remote connections.

Microsoft Security Advisory Highlights 'BootHole' Vulnerability in Systems with Secure Boot

Microsoft on Wednesday issued Security Advisory ADV200011 concerning a security bypass vulnerability for the Secure Boot protection scheme in machines using the Grand Unified Boot Loader (GRUB).

Microsoft Begins Rollout of New Tasks in Teams Apps

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the rollout of Tasks in Teams on desktop clients for "a small group of users" with Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Windows Virtual Desktop Gets Azure Portal and Teams Client Support

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service now has Azure Portal integration, plus Audio/Video (A/V) Redirect support for Microsoft Teams client sessions, Microsoft announced on Monday.

Microsoft Lists Apps Coming Soon to Microsoft 365 Subscribers

Microsoft announced last week that its Lists applications are starting to arrive as early as this month for "Microsoft 365 business customers worldwide."

Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices Get New Subscription and Management Options

Microsoft last week described the addition of two monthly subscription-based options for organizations using Microsoft Teams Rooms videoconferencing devices, and it described a few management portal updates.

Microsoft Teams Getting Integrated Power Platform Capabilities

Microsoft this week had lots to say about Microsoft Teams, which is getting "native" integration with Microsoft Power Platform tools, starting in preview form as early as next month, according to a July 21 announcement.

Microsoft Previews Double Key Encryption for Protecting Microsoft 365 Data

Microsoft this week announced a preview of Double Key Encryption for data created with Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft Rolling Out Policy Previews for Insider Risk Management Service

Microsoft this week announced some policy enhancements to the Insider Risk Management service for Microsoft 365 that soon will be arriving at the preview level.

Microsoft Previews Endpoint Data Loss Prevention Service

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that a preview of its new Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service is getting distributed to Microsoft 365 E5/A5 subscribers.

Microsoft Unveils Azure Stack HCI Preview Version 20H2

Microsoft announced a preview this week of a revamped Azure Stack HCI product that runs its own operating system, known as "version 20H2."

Microsoft Begins Preview Launch of Universal Print for Microsoft 365 Subscribers

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a public preview of Universal Print for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Microsoft Reportedly Has an Emerging 'Cloud PC' Virtual Desktop Service

Microsoft has a "Cloud PC" effort under works that apparently will be somewhat different from existing Microsoft services, such as the Windows Virtual Desktop virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service.

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