Joey on SQL Server

SQL Server vNext: When and What Is Coming

Ahead of Microsoft Build (and a possible SQL Server announcement), let's break down what we know and speculate about what we don't.

Hands-On with Copilot for Azure SQL Database

I've been playing around with the new Microsoft service, currently in preview and it's time to show off what it can do.

Does Broadcom's VMware Fit into Today's Enterprise?

To analyze VMware's place is in the IT space, it's important to take a look back of where the company has been.

Microsoft's AI Roadshow

With partner Nvidia, the company discussed its latest AI efforts, including OpenAI, and CEO Nadella shared how he imagines our AI-powered future.

The State of Microsoft Data Part 2

While Microsoft's latest offering, Fabric, is a viable option for many, it's not the only player out there.

A lone man walking on top of a giant database cluster

The State of Microsoft Data, Part 1: Transactional Database Solutions

Let's kick off 2024 by checking in with the current status of some of Microsoft's more popular database options, like Azure SQL Database, Azure Managed Instance and more.

Microsoft Ignite 2023: Data Analytics Platform Fabric Analytics Now Available

Microsoft's latest offering will also continue the company's trend of strong AI integration hooks.

Gray Fence Graphic

Why IT Should be Concerned with 'Living off the Land' Attacks

What was once a somewhat novel attack approach has gained popularity in the face of rising nation-state threat actors.

The Current State of the Art Around Cloud Storage and Databases

Let's break down performance metrics, cost considerations, and the ever-changing best practices of cloud storage and database solutions.

Microsoft Allowing Documentation During Certification Exams Is a Game-Changer

The new shift in exams will lead to more task-oriented questions, higher-quality credentials and a blow against the illicit market of exam brain dumps.

Generative AI Impact on the Database

Once you're able to see through the "AI whitewashing," a strong case for generative AI in the database space can be made.

Platform as a Service Databases -- Handle with Care!

Let's take a look at the limitations of PaaS database offerings for organizations with robust DBA teams and mission-critical needs.

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