Microsoft Announces New AI PCs at Pre-Build Event

Microsoft on Monday announced a new line of PCs from both itself and third parties that will be designed for AI and will be running the latest OpenAI GPT-4o model.

In an event before the official kickoff of Microsoft Build, the company unveiled Copilot+ PCs, which includes its own updated line of Surface devices. Microsoft said the new PCs, which will also come from partners like Dell, ASUS, HP and more, and will take advantage of some of the latest Copilot AI tools like Recall, which keeps a running timeline of your every action on the specially designed PCs to help with personalized queries.
"The richest AI experiences will harness the power of the cloud and the edge working together in concert," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. "This in turn will lead to a new category of devices that turn the world itself into a prompt. For us, this vision starts with our most beloved and most widely used canvas: Windows."

Copilot+ PCs will feature a new system architecture that combines the power of the CPU, GPU and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). These components, enhanced by large language models (LLMs) running in the Azure Cloud, enable Copilot+ PCs to achieve what the company claims "are up to 20x more powerful and up to 100x as efficient for running AI workloads and deliver industry-leading AI acceleration," compared to current PCs.

Using the latest ARM Snapdragon X CPUs Copilot+ PCs offer up to 22 hours of local video playback or 15 hours of Web browsing on a single charge. Additionally, every Copilot+ PC will ship with the Microsoft Pluton Security processor, which stores sensitive data like passwords and encryption keys on the chip itself.

Along with the new Copilot feature Recall, the new PCs will also come packed with many new AI features, including the following:

  • Cocreator: Generate and refine images in near real-time using algorithms and creativity sliders.
  • Restyle Image: Reimagine your personal photos with new styles and edit images using AI-powered tools in Photos.
  • Live Captions: Translate any audio into English captions in real-time across all apps.

Along with the unveiling of the new line of Copilot+ PCs, Microsoft announced the first devices to hit the shelves will be its new Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 6, both starting at $999. The new Surface Pro will be available with either the Snapdragon X Elite or X Plus processor, optional 5G connectivity and a choice between an IPS or OLED display. The next model of Surface Laptop will also ship with the Snapdragon Elite or Plus chips. Users can configure the device with up to 64GB of memory and 1TB of SSD storage. Both devices will be available June 18 and can be preordered now.

Today's event also included a handful of partners announcing their own Copilot+ PCs coming in the near future:

  • Acer Swift 14 AI
  • Asus Vivobook S 15
  • Dell XPS 13
  • Dell Inspiron 14 Plus
  • Dell Inspiron 14
  • Dell Latitude 7455
  • Dell Latitude 5455
  • HP OmniBookX AI
  • HP EliteBook Ultra G1q AI
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

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