Survey: Microsoft Tops Most-Hated Software Vendor List

Microsoft has claimed the top spot for the most hated software vendor, according to opinion-tracking Amplicate.

The company compiles and analyzes public opinion by messages posted to Facebook and Twitter, and by direct thoughts submitted on its Web site.

According to the company, Microsoft has a 70 percent "hate" score on the site, with a large majority of comment posters discussing how the company's products are unreliable and expensive.

"Yes, Microsoft is just out there for the money," wrote User-324fmu. "Suing Android manufacturers, and making them pay to use the free operating system. Heck, Micro$oft didn't even do anything on that OS! Why should they get money out of something they didn't make?"

Other notable companies in the top-10 include Adobe, with a 60 percent "hate" rating; Oracle, which sits with a 78 percent negative score; Internet browser company Mozilla, which only has 37 percent of individuals looking at its company favorably; and Citrix, with more than half selecting "hate."

On the other side of the coin, topping the "love" list is Apple, which has a 68 percent favorable rating. While many point out the expensive cost of Apple products, commenters feel the company makes up for it with quality.

"Some complain of it [Apple] having a high price but a price that's 30% higher, but for a product that is 300% higher quality is a bargain in my opinion," wrote Ryan L.

Those joining Apple on the "love" list include IBM, with 92 percent positive feedback; Cisco, which also claims 68 percent "love" votes; VMware, which has a 67 percent favorable rating; Salesforce, which came in only receiving 28 percent "hate;" and security firm Kaspersky, which has a high 86 percent of "love" from customers.

Amplicate's full positive and negative software company lists can be found here. The ratings were based on 17,981 opinions.

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Reader Comments:

Tue, Nov 29, 2011 NJ

"Microsoft has claimed the top spot for the most hated software vendor" @ 70% negative. Oracle @78%?....WOW Who reads your junk???? Good thing you write comments and aren't my accountants geeez. Oh yeah, what's the entire point of the survey? Congress has a 15% approval rating (ummmm that's what 85% negative by your reader's math) and no one does anything about that!

Mon, Nov 28, 2011

I haven't dug into Amplicate's methodology, but it sounds like there is some gross oversimplification going on here. It looks they're simply measuring raw quantity of comments in social media, which is a horrible measure. First, people usually only comment when they love or hate something, not when they take it for granted. How many billions (or trillions?) of good interactions happen with Windows or Office every day? How would Office for the "loved" Mac fare if it was rated separately? How often do you post "love" comments when the gas you put in your car or the milk you buy at the store is "as expected?" The only time you comment on those is when the milk is sour or the service at the store is bad. If you look at other "love/hate" ratings, they have the XBOX as the "most hated" game console, but Kinect sales are through the roof, the reviews are generally great and XBOX's support Twitter account holds some kind of Guinness record for "most responsive brand (or support or something)." Benjamin Disraeli talked about "Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics." In this case, there may not be malice intended, but the conclusions being drawn by Amplicate would fail even a high school STATS 101 class.

Tue, Nov 22, 2011

Oh give me a break! People are just completely clueless and are like sheep. If they understood, the survey would be opposite. Just like politics people vote for those that make their lives more difficult. It's all perception.

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