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  • Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service vs. Traditional SAN and NAS

    Read this white paper to find out how companies can meet their storage needs through ‘as a service’ offerings creating a shift from purchasing and leasing to a consumption-based model. Learn more.

  • Open DQ Managed Data Services

    Power your next generation data applications with clean data and the single version of the truth across the enterprise. Learn more.

  • The survivor’s guide to building an Office 365 network

    Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 can be complicated. Even with careful planning, deploying Microsoft Office 365 and delivering a fast user and application experience can be a challenge. While most organizations assume their traditional networks are ready for the migration, many don’t realize that Microsoft recommends a different strategy. Learn more.

  • Four secrets to a successful Office 365 deployment

    Ready for Office 365? Already deployed but running into problems? Either way, there are some secrets to deployment that can put you on the road to success. Learn more.

  • Get an Office 365 experience your users will love

    To measure the success of your Office 365 deployment, there’s really only one metric that matters: user satisfaction. But if your network isn’t up to the task, your Office 365 installation and its many applications can be quickly bogged down by performance problems. Learn more.

  • The Importance of AutoML for Augmented Analytics

    This white paper provides a deep dive into how AutoML came to be, the difference between it and Augmented Analytics, and how they both have brought about the rise of the citizen data scientist.

  • Multi-Cloud Strategies Are on the Rise

    Read this new ESG Multi Cloud brief to learn more about trends in multi cloud, the influence of public cloud, and the average number of service providers organizations currently use.

  • Top 5 Hybrid Office 365 Management and Administration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Tips to Get the Most from Office 365 and Your Hybrid Environment without Compromising

  • eBook - Flexera Manufacturer Product EOL/EOS 2018 Report

    Do You Have Products Scheduled to EOL and EOS in 2018? The consequences of End-of-Life (EOL) software and hardware — and products at End-of-Support (EOS) — are too great to ignore.

  • Fast-Track Your Windows 10 Migration

    Kicking off a software migration initiative is always a balancing act. It’s no different migrating your organization to Windows 10. To be successful you require detailed information regarding your software and hardware assets. Most importantly, you need to know if a given asset is Windows 10 compatible.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Flexera

    As the technology landscape grows and evolves with new devices, new software, and new platforms, keeping tabs on an organization's IT assets is a moving target. How can you gain accurate visibility of software assets to drive strategic and financial decisions that impact finance and reduce security risk?

  • EdgeWave Email Security Confidence Survey

    A poll of over 300 IT pros reveals their confidence on everything from current email gateways to security awareness training. Despite overwhelming evidence worldwide that phishing is a growing threat vector, the results show a shocking disconnect between the email threat landscape and IT pros on email security. Learn more.

  • An All-Flash Solution for Achieving Always-On Availability

    Read this Tech Talk paper to find out how an all-flash solution can stave off disaster by providing near-constant data access and fast and flexible recovery with virtual, physical and cloud data management. Learn more.

  • How Organizational Efficiency Can Be Improved with PRIVATE CLOUD

    Read this report on the public and private cloud market for guidance in determining which approach to take and how web-scale networking can help those considering a move to a private cloud. Learn more.

  • SDN is Dead! Long live SDN!

    Read this paper to learn about the controller-less Software Defined Network (SDN) that achieves SDN’s goals without a centralized controller and free of proprietary technology by utilizing networking as code. Learn more.

  • Hyperconverged Systems: Building a Network of Pods for Scale and Agility

    Read this white paper on Hyperconverged Infrastructure to learn how disaggregated, open networking solutions can provide data center operators with the agility to build a customized network that fits their business needs. Learn more.

  • Disrupting the Realm of Secondary Data: How Cohesity and Azure Simplify Secondary Data and Apps

    What does the future of secondary data and apps look like? Read the new e-book, Disrupting the Realm of Secondary Data, for quick strategies to revolutionize the way you store, manage and move secondary data in hybrid cloud architectures. Learn more.

  • Solve Hybrid Cloud Challenges for Secondary Data and Apps

    Today, hybrid cloud is increasingly the norm, and enterprises are challenged with ways to have visibility, manage and make use of all their data – both on-premises and in the cloud. Learn more.

  • Turbocharge Your Hybrid Cloud Journey

    IT challenges have evolved as enterprises experience digital transformation and evolve in a hybrid cloud environment. Get more details on those challenges and how you can think about reducing management burden and extract more value from data, regardless of where they reside. Download infographic.

  • Conversation Email Archive Book - Conversational Archive Migrations to Office

    Planning for your email archive migration is half of a successful migration. Learn how you can best plan for it and find the right path for your unique project with this eBook!