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  • Multilayered Data Protection & Recovery from Cyberthreats

    In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations need multilayered data protection to minimize the risk of breach and accelerate recovery efforts in the event an attack. Download this solution brief to learn how to develop a cyberthreat protection and recovery plan with built-in multilayered data protection.

  • Keep Ransomware at Bay with Data Isolation and Air Gapping

    When it comes to securing and defending your data, you must be vigilant and take a proactive, multilayered approach. Data protection solutions built with a secure-by-design architecture ensure your data is recovery-ready with fundamental techniques. Read our in-depth whitepaper to discover the architectural components and tools that are essential for a durable, resilient, and proven backup framework.

  • Ransomware Attacks: How to detect, analyze, and mitigate them

    Cyberattacks, especially ransomware, can cause catastrophic damage to businesses. Ransomware attacks surged dramatically in 2022 and were responsible for 25% of all breaches, according to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. The average cost of a ransomware attack—not including the cost of the ransom itself—was $4.54 million. In this e-book, we have demystified five of the most dangerous ransomware strains to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of them and ways to combat them.

  • Building a Hybrid Cloud Operating Model for Secure and Effective Application Delivery

    Despite the myriad benefits of going multicloud, the majority of companies that have reported making the move are less than fully satisfied with their journeys. The reason? Many of them likely didn’t take the time to align their multicloud strategy with their overall business requirements and digital transformation efforts. In this Tech Talk paper, experts from A10 Networks describe the best ways that organizations can mitigate complexity in their environments so they can reap all the promised benefits of the multicloud.

  • Proofpoint Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2023

    Proofpoint was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2023 report, which explores the golden age of email security, including the migration to cloud email, machine learning adoption and API innovation. Get your copy of the report to learn how “Proofpoint makes good on its mission to protect people and defend data.”

  • The Definitive Email Cybersecurity Strategy Guide

    Break the attack chain. Protect your people from email attacks and stop initial compromise. Business email compromise (BEC), ransomware and supply chain threats continue to compromise organizations, despite their existing security solutions. Attackers have evolved. They now mix and match different tactics across an integrated attack chain to exploit their human targets. And traditional solutions that fight these threats with siloed tools aren’t enough to fight back. In the Definitive Email Security Strategy Guide, we explore how you can break the attack chain and initial compromise by stopping advanced email attacks.

  • The Business Email Compromise (BEC) Handbook

    A Six-Step Plan for Stopping Payment Redirection, Supplier Invoicing Fraud and Gift Card Scams. Sometimes, that email from your boss isn't really an email from your boss. Business email compromise (BEC) has become the costliest form of cyber crime, tricking victims out of more than $1.8 billion in 2020 alone. These highly targeted cybersecurity threats are easy to fall for and invisible to traditional security tools. Learn how to manage them with our comprehensive guide and six-step plan.

  • Breaking Down BEC - The Modern CISO’s Framework for Identifying, Classifying and Stopping Email Fraud

    Break the attack chain. Learn how to stop costly BEC attacks. Business email compromise (BEC) attacks can be costly and difficult to prevent. Traditional email security solutions may not be enough to fight off the latest BEC attacks that are getting through your current security solutions.

  • 7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

    This report explores the hazards of not having a Microsoft 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection.

  • Maverick* Research: You Will Be Hacked, So Embrace the Breach

    Cybersecurity breaches are inevitable. Instead of striving to prevent breaches, focus on resilience and embrace hacks as incidents to learn from.

  • Strategic Framework for Ransomware Resilience

    In 2022 only 16% of organizations who suffered a ransomware attack were able to recover without paying a ransom. Since it’s not possible to prevent every cyberattack, organizations need to make recovery a priority. This paper outlines the critical capabilities needed to prepare for and recover from a ransomware attack, reducing downtime and minimizing the possibility of data loss.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition

    Ransomware attacks have increased threefold since 2020, and companies that struggle the most during an outage are specifically targeted. IT decision-makers are under increasing pressure to prepare a speedy recovery plan for Active Directory in particular, as it has become one of the biggest targets during an attack. Forrester found that organizations using Quest’s RMAD DRE recovered their Active Directory up to 98% faster in the event of a ransomware attack, translating to millions of dollars saved.

  • Lessons Learned from a Recent Ransomware Recovery

    Read this white paper to learn about a ransomware attack on a global manufacturing company. Even though 17 Active Directory domain controllers across multiple continents were impacted and the passwords for virtually all user accounts were scrambled, the IT team was able to get the organization back on its feet quickly. Here are the key takeaways you can use to strengthen your ransomware and Active Directory disaster recovery strategies.

  • Be Prepared for Ransomware Attacks with Active Directory Disaster Recovery Planning

    Download this white paper to discover how to design an enterprise-quality Active Directory backup and disaster recovery strategy for getting your critical business operations back online quickly, and a proven solution for implementing it.

  • The Microsoft 365 kill chain and attack path management

    This white paper debunks the key misperceptions about modern cyberattacks and lays out the true phases of a cyberattack, reviewing some of the most common tactics and techniques used in each phase with a particular focus on the Microsoft 365 environment. Then it dives deep into one strategy that adversaries use to achieve their goals — exploiting attack paths — and provides effective options for defending your organization.

  • How Active Directory Recovery Strengthens Cyber Resilience

    For organizations that rely on Microsoft to manage their data and communications, Active Directory (AD) serves as a doorway to their digital functions and services. It’s the primary mechanism for authenticating users and enabling access to databases, files, applications, computers and other endpoints.

  • A Practical Approach to Cyber Resiliency

    Read this white paper to discover how attack path management works and how you can quickly implement it. You’ll also learn how to complement attack path management with other key strategies to achieve not just cyber security, but cyber resiliency.

  • Government Agency Enhances Cybersecurity

    At one state Department of Transportation, the Great Retirement in the wake of the pandemic meant the loss of a number of experienced IT pros. The complexity of their long-established Activity Directory made one fact abundantly clear: The IT team didn’t know what they didn’t know — and those unknowns were putting security, business continuity and compliance at risk.

  • Microsoft Active Directory Backup and Recovery - Five Times Faster!

    ESG validated how Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition (RMADDRE) simplifies, accelerates, and automates backup and recovery of Microsoft Active directory. The solution achieved higher levels of performance thanks to automation. It also provided flexibility and reduced the risk of reintroducing malware.

  • Ultimate Cyber-Resiliency: a guide to combatting AD security villains

    Defend your hybrid Active Directory from risks, threats and disaster.