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  • Microsoft 365 Backup For Dummies

    Get this easy-to-read e-book For Dummies, and learn how to best backup and protect your Microsoft 365 data. It’s you data, it’s your responsibility to protect it!

  • 7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

    You have 7 critical reasons to protect your Microsoft 365 data. This 5-minute easy-to-read document helps you convince your managers and peers that your organization needs Microsoft 365 data protection.

  • The Essential Guide to Acing the CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations Benchmarking Report

    Unlock the secrets to CIS compliance for Microsoft 365. Download "The Essential Guide to Acing the CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations" to discover expert tips on implementing security best practices and configuration recommendations for your Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Microsoft 365 License Optimization Report

    Looking to optimize your Microsoft 365 licenses? Check out this comprehensive report for insights and solutions to help you reduce costs and streamline your licensing. Download now.

  • Microsoft 365 Security: A Deep Dive in the Challenges of Governance and License Management

    Explore the challenges of governance and license management in Microsoft 365 security with this deep dive report. Download now for expert insights and solutions to enhance your security.

  • Conversational Microsoft 365 Management

    Lack of clear administrative tools and reporting makes it hard for IT admins to effectively manage Microsoft 365. Could a "bolt-on" management tool help? Download this report for insights on simplifying Microsoft 365 with workflows, license management, auto-remediation, and more.

  • Automating Cloud Cost Management

    If your cloud costs are getting out of control, reporting alone isn’t going to solve the problem. You need to take a more proactive approach to prevent those big cloud bills before they happen. Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) was built to create cloud cost savings opportunities that can only be realized through an automated and intelligent approach.

  • 5 Ways to Optimize Application Development Efficiency

    As the global economy fluctuates, engineering budgets are getting squeezed. While you might think you need to cut tools and headcounts, you can actually manage costs by improving engineering efficiency with the right technology. Learn how you can strike the right balance between budget pressures and the need to innovate quickly.

  • Scaling GitOps for the Enterprise

    GitOps is quickly becoming an essential part of DevOps, and for good reason: as the single source of truth for container-based continuous integration and continuous delivery, GitOps helps developers increase velocity and improve system reliability. However, many engineering teams hit roadblocks when they need to scale GitOps.

  • Tried and tested best practices for Active Directory security

    Recovering from an Active Directory security compromise is not just difficult, but also costly. In this free e-book, we'll use practical use cases to explain where an organization may slip up and identify eight tried-and-tested Active Directory security best practices.

  • Bring world-class customer experiences and calling into Microsoft Teams

    The team messaging and video meeting capabilities in Microsoft Teams have become standard collaboration tools for many organizations. But many find it has gaps that make it an incomplete solution, especially for external collaboration. In this brief, we’ll take a deeper look at RingCentral for Microsoft Teams and how it can turbocharge any Teams deployment.

  • Microsoft Teams & Telephony: Why Businesses Prefer UCaaS Providers

    Adoption of Microsoft Teams has become widespread, with Microsoft reporting 280 million active users. While Teams has become the go-to platform for video meetings and team messaging, many organizations have discovered its telephony capabilities don’t meet their needs. This white paper explores the reasons why those same organizations are implementing third-party solutions for integrated telephony in Microsoft Teams.

  • KuppingerCole Executive View on Active Roles

    Read the Executive View report from KuppingerCole to learn how One Identity Active Roles can complement your identity governance and administration (IGA) goals in any size enterprise by adding strong features for increasing efficiency and automation in AD and Azure AD management. It is the ideal solution for organizations that want a comprehensive feature set but don’t have the need or resources to go for a full IGA solution or those who prefer to focus on AD/AAD for the time being.

  • The Top Five Ways to Relieve the Pain of Managing Hybrid AD Environments (Unified Hybrid Active Directory)

    Active Directory is everywhere and Azure Active Directory (AAD), its rapidly growing, cloud-based cousin, is quickly gaining ground. But, you should know that AAD is not simply a cloud copy of an on-prem AD instance. It is a wholly separate environment. That’s why you need to read this eBook. In it, you’ll learn about five potentially pain-inducing challenges you must overcome as you transition your organization to a hybrid AD implementation.

  • IDC Spotlight – Fortify Active Directory to Improve Security and Efficiency

    This paper examines how to fill gaps in Active Directory management and security to guide organizations that need to limit vulnerability and bolster IT security in Active Directory environments.

  • Better Together: 10 ways to elevate Active Directory with One Identity Active Roles

    This document provides 10 steps to remediate and prevent user-account problems in AD. These steps use native AD features and common workflow technology, such as Microsoft SharePoint, which means there’s a very little learning curve to implement the recommendations in this document.

  • Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense, 2023

    Zimperium is proud to be a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense, published on the 10th of January, 2023. The report is designed to help security leaders better understand the mobile threat defense (MTD) market and how MTD fits into the overall security architecture. Register today for immediate access to the Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense and learn how to utilize MTD to address your organization's evolving mobile security needs.

  • Management Is Not Security. Why Mobile Threat Defense Has Become Essential to Cybersecurity Strategy

    The use of personal devices at work boosts employees’ productivity. However, it also blurs the lines between devices and data, making it possible for cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive enterprise information.

  • Top 7 Source Code Obfuscation Techniques to Protect Code

    One of the most important weapons available to developers and security teams in the war against application piracy, device infiltration, code injection, and other malicious acts, is source code obfuscation. But what is source code obfuscation and what does it mean in a software development context?

  • AV-TEST Evaluation Finds Zimperium Detects 99%+ of Malware & Malicious Apps

    Zimperium is committed to delivering the best mobile security solutions to protect our customers from the increasing volume and severity of mobile threats. As a part of that commitment, they contracted with AV-TEST GmbH for an evaluation of their Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution, zIPS.