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  • Future of Work: 2030 Vision Report

    The future of work is no longer about the workplace. It’s about enabling the worker regardless of it. In this report, we reveal findings from a global survey of approximately 500 IT and CX leaders who share not just their view on today’s challenges and competitive stance, but their thoughts on the future of work and customer experience.

  • 2022 UCaaS Buyers’ Checklist

    The best collaboration tools offer a range of transformative capabilities, from personalized meeting rooms to built-in security and encryption. Use this checklist to benchmark the most important features against your own requirements.

  • The Real Costs of Doing Nothing

    With increasing pressure from today’s competitors and customers, businesses can’t afford to maintain an outdated communications system. In this latest eBook, industry experts explore the current and future costs associated with maintaining a premise-based PBX system. Learn the steps that your business can take to modernize your communication tools with unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

  • Solve for X - The CX.EX Journal

    Many IT and business leaders are debating whether it’s time to move their on-premises communications systems to the cloud. Work-from-anywhere mandates are partly driving this transition, as are rising support costs and the demands to adapt to the new ways that customers want to communicate.

  • Stop Risking Your Business with a Legacy Phone System

    While the idea of moving to another communications platform is daunting, the question is: Are your current systems truly helping you exceed your business goals and support your workforce needs? A cloud-based system can boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction and help your organization gain a competitive advantage. Download this eBook to discover how moving to the cloud can make your business agile with reliable, streamlined communications.

  • Unified Communications Buyer's Guide

    The 8x8 UCaaS Buyers' Guide is a must-read for anyone tasked with finding and evaluating cloud communications solutions. Follow the step-by-step approach, cut through the noise, and stay focused on choosing the right UCaaS technology for your organization.

  • Infographic: Four Ways SWO Helps Fuel Business Innovation

    Single-console visibility helps DevOps observe everything, observe from anywhere, and automate systematically and intelligently.

  • eBook: Four Ways SolarWinds Observability Is Built to Amplify the DevOps Trifecta

    Operational awareness within a single cloud environment today can be complex and challenging for DevOps teams. Add on multiple cloud vendors and the need for robust observability expands dramatically. simply being cloud-aware isn’t the end game. Cloud observability is also about taking control of the business and DevOps teams to see the entire, complete picture as a single source of truth when issues flare up. This ebook introduces the idea of the DevOps trifecta-- Integrated Tools, Unified Intelligence, and Large-Scale Cooperation-- and how SolarWinds Observability can amplify all three aspects to optimize awareness in one’s public cloud.

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: Opportunities and Challenges

    IoT devices are everywhere. This Tech Talk paper sponsored by Advantech covers the full gamut of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise features that OEMs must understand before they can take full advantage of the OS.

  • An Industry at Risk - Protect Your Life Sciences Company with a Digital Intelligence Strategy

    Download our whitepaper to learn how to protect your life sciences organization against emerging risks and empower your team with tools for proactive investigations and swift responses to threats.

  • Choosing Between Windows 10/11 Pro and Windows 10/11 IoT Enterprise

    Not all Windows flavors are created equal. The differences between Windows 10/11 Pro and Windows 10/11 IoT Enterprise are many, ranging from obvious to subtle, and organizations ignore them at their peril. Download this paper sponsored by top Microsoft distributor Advantech to make deciding between the two as painless as possible.

  • PaaS and serverless applications in Azure

    In this Datadog’s Azure serverless eBook, you’ll gain insights on how platform-as-a-service and serverless solutions can help teams run dynamic applications at scale, without managing individual servers.

  • Containerized applications in Azure

    In Datadog’s Azure container eBook, learn how to monitor containerized applications, such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), in Datadog.

  • Migrating workloads to Azure

    In this Azure migrations eBook, you’ll learn strategies for successfully implementing and measuring every phase of your Azure migration with Datadog.

  • Azure Solution Brief

    Learn how Datadog collects and unifies data streaming from more than 40 Azure services through easy-to-install integrations in Datadog’s Azure one-pager.

  • Cloud-scale monitoring with Azure and Datadog

    In this eBook, you’ll learn how to migrate workloads to Azure and optimize performance for your serverless and containerized applications with Datadog.

  • 7 Reasons for Modern Data Protection with Veeam and Google Cloud

    As computing environments grow more complex, sprawling across data centers and clouds with physical and virtual workloads, traditional data protection solutions can’t cut it anymore. Only a modern solution that makes it easy to manage data protection from various sources and with multiple potential backup targets will help you control and take full advantage of your hybrid IT architecture.

  • Google Cloud Backup for Dummies

    Google states that security and compliance is a shared responsibility between Google and the customer. While it’s Google’s responsibility to protect the infrastructure that runs your services, it’s up to you to secure and protect your data within that infrastructure - that includes backup! Learn how to build a cloud data protection plan that is robust and resilient enough to overcome ANY data loss while controlling cloud costs.

  • Why Rapid Recovery is Safer than Paying the Ransom

    Every minute of downtime can mean thousands of dollars in lost business. When ransomware hits, paying the ransom can be tempting, but it isn't the quick fix organizations are hoping for. Instead, enterprises can confidently focus their efforts — and precious time — on recovery, without spending cycles deciding on whether to pay the cost of ransom.

  • The Business Value of the Veeam Platform

    IDC surveyed Veeam® customers to understand the business value that customers experienced when they implemented Veeam. In this report, you'll learn how Veeam customers were able to save time and money with our solutions.