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  • Digital Dialogue Revolutionize Your Security Risk Prioritization

    This Digital Dialogue of a recent Redmond webcast presented by Microsoft MVP Derek Melber, delves into the strategies for mitigating risk and reducing costs by streamlining security concerns encompassing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, identity, software, devices, and patching into a comprehensive and unified view, organized on a per-asset basis. This holistic approach to security posture management empowers organizations to prioritize high-risk assets and issues, culminating in an overall reduction of risk exposure and substantial cost savings when compared to the utilization of multiple disjointed security solutions.

  • Here is your Blueprint to Cloud Transformation

    In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, having an effective strategy for data protection is essential for any organization. With the rise of cloud computing, hybrid environments have become a common way of life for many businesses. As companies move their workloads across their environment, it is important to protect data no matter where it lives.

  • 5 Ways Commvault Is Changing the Game in Data Protection

    In this discussion guide, you will learn about five ways you can maintain operational excellence for optimal recovery readiness with Commvault.

  • Fighting Ransomware: Team Roles and Responsibilities

    From hyper-focused zero-day attacks to broad-sweeping supply chain breaches, bad actors share one common goal: stealing, damaging, and monetizing your data to their advantage. Read this ebook to learn how to improve cross-team alignment and collaboration in the fight against ransomware.

  • Multilayered Data Protection & Recovery from Cyberthreats

    In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations need multilayered data protection to minimize the risk of breach and accelerate recovery efforts in the event an attack. Download this solution brief to learn how to develop a cyberthreat protection and recovery plan with built-in multilayered data protection.

  • Keep Ransomware at Bay with Data Isolation and Air Gapping

    When it comes to securing and defending your data, you must be vigilant and take a proactive, multilayered approach. Data protection solutions built with a secure-by-design architecture ensure your data is recovery-ready with fundamental techniques. Read our in-depth whitepaper to discover the architectural components and tools that are essential for a durable, resilient, and proven backup framework.

  • The Microsoft 365 kill chain and attack path management

    This white paper debunks the key misperceptions about modern cyberattacks and lays out the true phases of a cyberattack, reviewing some of the most common tactics and techniques used in each phase with a particular focus on the Microsoft 365 environment. Then it dives deep into one strategy that adversaries use to achieve their goals — exploiting attack paths — and provides effective options for defending your organization.

  • A Practical Approach to Cyber Resiliency

    Read this white paper to discover how attack path management works and how you can quickly implement it. You’ll also learn how to complement attack path management with other key strategies to achieve not just cyber security, but cyber resiliency.

  • Government Agency Enhances Cybersecurity

    At one state Department of Transportation, the Great Retirement in the wake of the pandemic meant the loss of a number of experienced IT pros. The complexity of their long-established Activity Directory made one fact abundantly clear: The IT team didn’t know what they didn’t know — and those unknowns were putting security, business continuity and compliance at risk.

  • 10 Ways to Cut Cloud Costs and Minimize your TCO

    Surprised by cloud costs? You’re not alone. Between hidden fees and unexpected data charges, cloud costs often come in much higher than the “sticker price” you expected to pay by the time things are all said and done.

  • Modern Data Protection that Evolves with You

    Rapidly modernizing your environment without the proper data protection solution can create silos that leave you with complexity and vulnerability to cyberattacks like ransomware. Download this infographic to learn more.

  • ESG Impact Study: Economic Value of Commvault on Azure

    TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) analyzed Commvault, and specifically, Metallic, Commvault’s SaaS (Software as a Service) offering on Microsoft Azure, along with Commvault’s data protection software portfolio, to understand the impact it can have on the ability to reach IT and business goals.

  • Proactive Data Protection from Tomorrow’s Cyberthreats

    In this whitepaper, we uncover the common data protection missteps in today’s cyber era and how proactive data protection keeps business data safe from an ever-changing threat landscape.

  • Aligning Ransomware Protection and Recovery Plans with Critical Capabilities

    A multi-layered security framework is important for data security because it helps to provide a number of defenses to cover data security gaps that may exist within your infrastructure. It is the best approach to protect and recover from ransomware attacks. Commvault has built these security capabilities into our data protection software and policies.

  • New Cyberthreats Require New Thinking: Reimagined Data Protection from Commvault

    In this solution brief, you will learn the how a multi-layered data protection intelligently secures data to rapidly uncover risk, minimize cyberthreats, continuously control data and its access, and drive more informed recovery outcomes, wherever data lives. Download this solution brief to learn how to improve your data security.

  • Discover how Sumo Logic Unites AWS Telemetry for Full Observability of your Applications

    When it comes to understanding a large collection of logs, metrics, events, and traces to pinpoint root causes of issues, the centralized view that Sumo Logic delivers for Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be a lifesaver.

  • 5 Best Practices for AWS Security Monitoring

    Continuous innovation and speed to market are mandating dynamic paradigm shifts in how companies conceive, develop and implement IT operations and security strategies. Download to learn best practices to secure your cloud journey to AWS.

  • Log Management and Analytics Buyer's Guide

    Download your copy today to understand key points when considering a log management and analytics solution.

  • Security Analytics for AWS

    Learn more about deep security, compliance and performance insights for your AWS environment.

  • Sumo Logic for AWS Observability

    Sumo Logic's AWS Observability solution leverages telemetry generated by AWS services to accelerate issue resolution, determine the root cause of failures, and help improve uptime and performance.