March 2003 - Update On Storage Area Networks

Plus: Network Attached Storage; Software Update Services; Common Criteria; Network Auditing; Software, Hardware Reviews; More


Building the Perfect SAN

As prices continue to drop, storage area networks are becoming increasingly common. Here’s what you need to know to design and build your enterprise’s SAN. We’ve even done the testing for you.

Patching the Holes

Software Update Services is Microsoft’s new server for distributing hotfixes and patches across the enterprise. It’s also a tremendous time-saver.

Top Guns Under Fire

They were a smooth-running, well-oiled IT machine—then a sticky, application-specific problem tested their mettle.

What About NAS?

While SANs are networks that connect storage to servers, think of a NAS as a server with a lot of local storage.

Book Reviews

Secure Fundamentals

Network Intrusion Detection: Third Edition builds the foundation for an informed network security analyst.

Hands-On SQL

Not for beginners, SQL Performance Tuning is an instant classic.

Product Reviews

Compliance Made Simple

Ease administration with Enterprise Configuration Manager.

Keep Current

Exchange updates with Discus Data’s ActiveDL 4.1.

Simple Wizardry

Neoteris Access 3000 magically secures your connections.

Network Access, Anywhere

ITWorx's Fileway 1.1 provides a Web tunnel to your internal resources.

Yeah, I’ve Got Mail

Caelo’s Email Organizer creates order from chaos.

Call Me Certifiable

Doctor’s Orders

Can a prescriptive architecture help you make money?

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: March 2003

.NET track changes trigger waves of response; how paper MCSEs are a benefit to IT; and more reasons to like Microsoft.

Editor's Desk

Guilty as Charged

Quick test: Have you ever used a "braindump" for exam preparation? The answer to that question may not be as simple as a "yes" or "no."

Mr. Script

Isn’t It Ironic?

When it comes to security, don't forget to encode your beloved scripts.

Professionally Speaking

Getting Your Mojo Back

This month, our columnists discuss what you can do when burnout strikes.

Security Advisor

Windows and Common Criteria

Microsoft heavily touted its Common Criteria certification for Windows 2000. But what does that mean?

Windows Foundation

VPNs the Easy Way

Whoever said virtual private networks are difficult to set up and the potential weak link in your security hasn't looked closely at Microsoft's VPN solution.

Windows Insider

Thump. Thump. Is This Thing On?

Analyzing network traces may not the most exciting task, but it can be the fastest way to get to the root of a problem.


Active Directory Adoption in Full Swing

A key indicator of Windows 2000’s popularity in the enterprise, Active Directory adoption, is showing dramatic growth, according to a Web survey by ENTmag.com.

Support for NT 4.0 Extended One Year

Microsoft has decided not to extinguish all support for Windows NT 4.0 for another year.

The Sounds of Security

Forget .NET. Sayonara, Web services. What Microsoft really wants you to know about its products these days is that you can trust them.

Microsoft Addresses Exam Piracy

MCP Magazine interviewed Microsoft's Dan Truax regarding the "braindump" case's impact on other alleged braindump testing sites.

Office 365 Watch

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