July 2003 - Lifecycle of an E-Mail Worm

Plus: handheld network analyzers; remote management with Windows Server 2003; mixed-mode applications on Windows XP; more.


Lifecycle of an E-mail Worm

Dealing with e-mail worms and viruses is becoming a bigger part of every administrator’s job. Learn from one of the industry’s foremost experts how worms enter your network in the first place and compromise your systems.

Windows Management from Afar

Windows Server 2003 offers significant upgrades over Windows 2000 in the area of remote connectivity.

The Odd Couple

Can older applications and Windows XP share a network without driving each other crazy?

Palm Reading

It’s a moment every administrator dreads: Your network is crying for help, and you don’t know why. Wouldn’t it be great if, right in your hand, you had a tool that could diagnose the problem? We test four handheld analyzers to see just how they can make your job easier.

Product Reviews

Seeing Double

PeerSync Pro delivers flexible, real-time file synchronization.

Painless Restore

ERDisk for Active Directory saves time, money and grief.

The Real Story With E-mail

NetIQ’s AppAnalyzer 2.5 digs into your Exchange servers.

Backup (in) a Minute

Rest easy: Your data’s safe with UltraBac.

Design Prep

CBT Vision’s Examiner for 70-219 proves a good value.

Boswell's Q&A

Serving Time

Get the exact time that Windows processes via the WMIC command.

Subnetting Simplified

Quick lesson on configuring subnet addresses.

Finding Users on the Network

Use Winscl to find out which computers your users are logged onto.

Searching Active Directory

Forego scripting—try this LDAP query in the ADUC.

At the Fork In the Exchange Migration Path

The road behind has no signposts for what's to come.

Exchange 2000 Forest Preparation Error

Can't prep the forest for the trees.

Call Me Certifiable

That Pesky Convergence Stuff

“One thing we’ll be talking a fair bit about today is the relationship between the PC and the phone. That’s something that will be changing. When you get value added on your PC without having to switch the phone that you use simply by having the PC be aware of what’s going on, that integration, we think, is a very critical one and one that’s influencing the PC hardware.” —Bill Gates at WinHEC 2003

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: July 2003

Spamming the Globe

Editor's Desk

A Simple Plan

Microsoft sets new securityspecializations for MCSE and MCSA titles.

Mr. Script

Give the My Computer Icon a User Name

It is handy to be able to just look up at the My Computer icon and see where you are and what name you are using.

Professionally Speaking

The Last Waltz

Final thoughts on maintaining the IT career tempo.

Security Advisor

A 12-Step Plan for File Server Security

Securely bringing a Windows file server on the network may not sound difficult. But when it's running Windows Server 2003, there's a lot you need to know to do it right.

Tips and Tricks

Active Directory Single Object Restore

When you accidentally delete an Active Directory object, can you bring it back without performing an authoritative restore on the entire directory? This tip shares a little known service built right into AD that you'll want to know about.

Windows Foundation

Get the Message

Straight talk on meshing your enterprise e-mail systems.

Windows Insider

Anthony's Tale

Anthony wanted to run Windows DNS on his company’s BIND network. It worked—until the intern came along.


Exchange Server 2003 Assessment Now Available

Latest skills module aimed at messaging experts goes online as Exchange is readied for shipping.

Windows 2003 Exams Added to MCDBA Roster

New Windows 2003 exams can be used to fulfill core networking requirements of the MCDBA on SQL 2000 track.

Windows Update

Here are the latest service packs from Microsoft as of June 28, 2003:

Developer, DBA Exams to Be Decommissioned June 2004

Microsoft plans to retire 11 exams next year, with the majority affecting the MCSD and MCDBA tracks.

Is the Worst Over for the IT Job Market?

You may be excused for your cynical chortling when hearing that IT hiring may be on the way up, but that's what the latest study from a technology staffing company reports.

Get IT Certified the eBay Way!

Have you missed out on the easiest, most cost-effective way to earn a technical certification?

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