June 2002 - Remote Control Freak!

Run your network from anywhere with these tools. Plus, software distribution; licensing tools, Visual Basic .NET exam reviewed; PKI, tips for documenting your network, more.


Canaveral iQ: Low-Cost Solution

Just need a few redundant servers, some shared apps and a quick, inexpensive setup? Check out New Moon Systems.

Smart Software Distribution

SMS packages are notorious bandwidth hogs. This unique four-step method overcomes the main drawbacks you face in using SMS for software distribution.

The Xbox Files

Is Microsoft's wonder toy the next step in the evolution of the PC?

MetaFrame: Enterprise-Class Remote Administration

If Windows 2000 doesn't scale well enough for your enterprise, consider solutions from the company that originated multi-user Windows technology.

Server Management in Your Pocket

Three tools extend remote administration to the PocketPC.

License, Please

Staying on top of your organization’s software licenses will keep you gainfully employed and out of court.

Remote Operator

Windows 2000 offers a number of ways to manage your servers and user applications when you aren’t, or can’t be, physically present. Come along for a guided tour, including a peek into the .NET future.

Book Reviews

Drill and Drill Again

The Virtual Test Center is aimed at a single goal: passing the exams

Exam Reviews

70-306: Generation Gap

Visual Studio .NET promises to be more useful than any development platform yet. But be prepared to face some brainteasers along the way.

Product Reviews

Total Access Detective 2002

XSelerator 2.5

ASP.NET for Developers Series


StuffIt Deluxe 7.5

DbEncrypt for Microsoft SQL Server

SSW Access Reporter .NET For IIS

What's in Your Active Directory?

Aelita's Enterprise Directory Reporter collects and organizes AD information.

ECM Security Update Manager to the Rescue

Enterprise-wide security management with just a few clicks of the mouse.

License, Please: Altiris eXpress Compliance Toolkit 5.5

Staying on top of your organization’s software licenses will keep you gainfully employed and out of court.

Make Sense of Your Data

Aelita EventAdmin gathers Event Log information and helps you get a handle on it.

Seal the Cracks

Patchlink Update 3.0 systematically keeps your network up to date.

License, Please: NetSupport TCO

Staying on top of your organization’s software licenses will keep you gainfully employed and out of court.

Call Me Certifiable

Stuck on the Treadmill

How do we know when we've had enough of product and certification upgrades?

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: June 2002

User rights, disappearing MCTs and a look into the future of the MCP program.

Drill Down

Peek Under the Windows 2000 Hood

Test driving Inside Microsoft Windows 2000, a DVD training pack from David Solomon Seminars.

Editor's Desk

Here in Windowsville

How much harm comes of the anti-Windows bias in the world of security?

Mr. Script

Addressing the Issue

Whether adding workstations or reconfiguring your network, this script helps ensure connectivity (and may save you some time, to boot!)

Professionally Speaking

Type Casting

How useful are personality assessment tests—really? Steve shares his thoughts.

Security Advisor

A Cry for Help

Public Key Infrastructure is at the core of most e-commerce and, therefore, must be done properly. You can do it yourself—or turn to some outside pros. Which option is for you?

Windows Foundation

Documenting Your Network

Mapping your hardware, devices and network connections will help you pinpoint your troubles, so don't put it off. Here's what you need to document.


Security Exam Under Development

Beta testing for new MCSA/MCSE elective expected in November.

Two More .NET Developer Exams Get Beta Tested Next Week

MCAD.NET/MCSD.NET tracks pick up speed as Web versions of the VB .NET, Visual C# .NET exams get scrutinized by testers.

MCP Decade: Prize Winners

Last month, in celebration of Microsoft's MCP program's decade milestone, we ran a contest giveaway.

Windows .NET Server Exams: Spring or Summer 2003?

The release date for the exams is "more an issue of semantics than hard deadlines" says Microsoft; exam releases will be dictated by the software's ship date.

MCSD.NET Exams Finally Debut

MCAD.NET/MCSD.NET candidates can begin the process toward obtaining the new .NET developer certifications. Just released: exam 70-306 and exam 70-316.

Quest Ships Spotlight on Active Directory 3.0

Quest Software chose the recent Microsoft Management Summit to announce shipment of the latest update to its Spotlight on Active Directory product.

Office 365 Watch

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