July 2002 - What's the Problem? Our Experts Troubleshoot Your Technical Quandaries

Plus, 9 troubleshooting tactics; Win2K/WinXP backup and recovery; Application Center Server's Component Load Balancing; Help Desk Software


Help for the Help Desk

Keep track of support requests with one of these packages.

Peers Helping Peers

We solicited readers to provide us with their technical problems, and we were inundated with letters. Here are some of the more provocative problems that we put to you—the readers—to solve.

Automated System Recovery and System Restore in Windows XP

Windows XP has more efficient tools for backup and recovery.

Balancing Act

Component Load Balancing, a feature of Application Center 2000 that works in the middle tier, can help your Web and other applications scale out in a new way.

What's the Problem?

Our experts troubleshoot your technical problems.

9 Troubleshooting Tactics

A best practices guide that'll turn you into a troubleshooting efficiency expert.

After the Crash

It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when,” your system turns that particular shade of blue that makes administrators see red. That’s when you’ll need to know what your options are to bring the dead box back to life.


Microsoft Launches Small Business Server 2000 Incentive Program

Company to offer consultants up to $500 back for purchasing, implementing SBS for clients; rebate good until Jan. 31, 2002.

Windows Security Challenge Network Holding Strong—So Far

When you invite the world to try to hack into your Microsoft network, what's the major security challenge you face? In the case of MCP TechMentor's Windows Security Challenge, it might be the security

Microsoft Puts Passel of Exams on Chopping Block

Included on list: 70-098, Windows 98 and exams for Exchange 5.0/5.5.

The $5,000 Lesson

The company that trained Ed Garrett to be an MCSE stated that if it didn’t land him a job, it would pay him $5,000. Garrett’s got his certification, but no IT job and no $5,000.

Next Version of SMS to be Fully Active-Directory Integrated

The next release of SMS, officially dubbed “SMS 2003,” will not merely extend AD—it will become one of a handful of Microsoft products to be directory-enabled; SMS 2003 will also offer significant arc

Exam Guides Redesigned

Microsoft has redesigned several of its exam objectives guides and wants to get your feedback.

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