January 2002 - Outfitting Yourself for 2002

Certification Crossroads: Which Certs will help most? Plus, Windows XP deployment strategies; defragmentation tools; Network Load Balancing Service; 10 security rules.


Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

Certification Crossroads

Certifications are an important part of most IT professionals’ careers. Now, with more offerings than ever, which ones can help you most?

Share the Load

Network Load Balancing in Windows 2000 makes your servers more efficient and your network faster. Here’s a quick-study on how to set it up.

Windows XP Playbook

If XP’s in your future—and the minute you buy new desktop systems, it probably will be—use these strategies to get the most out of Microsoft’s newest OS.

An Ounce of Prevention

When setting up a network, forgetting the concepts of scalability and centralized management can have costly consequences down the road.

Book Reviews

Microsoft Provides an MMC Reference

Poorly organized but essential anyhow.

Monotheism DotNET

A somewhat philosophical, somewhat technical introduction to Microsoft .NET.

Power up the Win2K Registry

Little Black Book provides a powerful reference.

Exam Reviews


Although it’s not the toughest in Microsoft’s pocket, this exam thoroughly tests your knowledge of the company’s latest product.

Product Reviews

Debugging SQL

DevPartner DB might soon become your SQL toolbox fave.

Amazingly Easy and Powerful Screen Captures

Print Screen Works is a “must have” utility.

Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools: Defrag Commander Personal Edition

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

How Fast Can You Document Your Environment?

Ecora Configuration Reporter saves you time and grunt work.

Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools: O&O Defrag 2000 Professional

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

Going Beyond SMS

NetDeploy Global picks up where Microsoft leaves off on application deployment.

Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools: PerfectDisk 2000

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

Spotlight Brightens the Sysadmin’s Day

Here’s a way to light up the mysterious trees in your Active Directory forest.

Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools: Disk Defragmenter

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

Websense Enterprise

More than your average web filter.

Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools: Diskeeper 7.0 Workstation

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

Call Me Certifiable

Those Pesky Whistle Blowers

A TechNet article that blames the messengers, not the source, for Microsoft’s security lapses gets Auntie seeing red.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail

Boot camp training, spying on coworkers, and tips for preparing for the CISSP exam.

Drill Down

Cert21–Ready for Prime Time?

Will Cert21’s Web-based practice exams lead you to certification success?

Editor's Desk

Heading into the Cloud

Web Services will evolve as it meets the real world.

Mr. Script

Scripting Serendipity

Finding out that .WSF scripts—based on XML—allow you to declare just about anything can be a flexible timesaver.

Professionally Speaking

What’s It Worth?

This month, Greg and Steve address the value and importance of certification vs. good, old-fashioned experience.

Security Advisor

10 Golden Security Rules

The ISO17799 is a group of policies that would be well worth your time to get to know.

Windows Insider

Hollow Man

Knowing how and when to use null sessions, those invisible connections, can get you out of—or into—trouble.


Exam 70-218, Managing a Win2K Network Exam Goes Live Jan. 22

As a result, MCSA title to be launched officially.

Microsoft Moves to Pass/Fail Scoring System

Test policy applied to all exams as of December 2001.

Just How Low Are You?

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine wants to find the earliest-certified MCP on the planet!

Microsoft Pushes MCSA with Charter Membership

Microsoft to issue special-edition Charter Member MCSA wallet cards to first 5,000 titleholders.

The Accidental MCSE

Are you an NT 4.0 MCSE who has passed most, but not all, of the seven required exams for your Windows 2000 MCSE? If so, you may have achieved your Win2K certification without even knowing it.

Gates: Windows XP Off to a Fast Start

Windows XP started out of the gate with a bang, selling more than 7 million copies in the first two weeks of its release, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said in November.

Blind Ambition

Getting an MCSE on Windows 2000 is hard enough when all your senses are working fine. But when one of them isn’t—especially sight—the task is doubly or triply hard.

Study: Jobs Are Out There

There are some good tidings for those who think the slowing economy is translating to even fewer IT jobs.

Office 365 Watch

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