February 2002 - Serving Up the Enterprise

Special report on the latest .NET server products. Plus: IIS monitoring tools; Application Center exam reviewed; securing remote access with WMI; a developer's look at .NET.


Serving Up the Enterprise

Microsoft’s been releasing new server products at a dizzying rate for the past year. Confused by all the choices? Let us add some clarity to your search.

Souping Up Your IIS Server

Strengthen your infrastructure for serious IIS use with these monitoring and analysis tools.

Mobile Information Server: Unfulfilled Promise

Although Mobile Information Server works well, it’s too hobbled by limited interoperability with other Non-WAP devices and application support.

BizTalk Server: Putting B2B to Work

BizTalk Server 2000 gets closer to B2B application integration.

Application Center 2000: Super Glue

Application Center 2000 isn’t the best known of Microsoft’s .NET servers, but if you run a Web or server farm, it can be indispensable.

Content Management Server: Functionality—for a Price

Content Management Server 2001 provides a structured approach to managing Internet and intranet site content.

Commerce Server: Worth a Look

Once you get past the onerous installation requirements, Commerce Server 2000 can help make you a player in the e-business game.

SharePoint Portal Server: Cool Tool

The Microsoft Answer for finding a needle in a haystack.


Microsoft Details New Developer Certifications

At the VSLive Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft has released official details on its long-awaited certifications.

What, You Got a Problem?! Call for Questions....

MCP Magazine's writers and editors turn their attention to solving your problems -- technical and professional.

Microsoft Certification Price Jumps

U.S. pricing for Microsoft exams through Prometric and VUE testing centers has increased 25 percent, to $125.

Almost a Third of Windows 2000 Shops Not Using AD

Out of 1,139 votes, 61 percent of respondents who had migrated to Win2K had moved to Active Directory.

July 2003: End of Line for Windows NT

Windows NT, one of the most important products in Microsoft’s 25-year history, will be officially laid to rest July 1, 2003.

Windows XP Administration Pack Released

Beta version of an admin pack lets IT administrators manage Windows 2000 Server, .NET Servers from XP.

Academic Training Revamped

Microsoft no longer offers the Authorized Academic Training Provider (AATP) program as of this year; company replaces it with the Microsoft IT Academy.

What’s New with the Directory

Changes are afoot to make Active Directory more flexible.

Pass/Fail Study

If you’re part of a training center that offers on-site testing, MCP Magazine invites you to take part in a research project to evaluate pass/fail rates for exams.

Microsoft: No Separate Security Certification

Microsoft's emphasis on trustworthy computing doesn’t mean its certification group will be adding a security-specific credential in the near future.

Windows .NET Exams in Pipeline

Microsoft is on schedule to release its Windows .NET exams at about the same time the products themselves are released-whenever that is.

Accelerated Exam Was "Learning Experience" for Microsoft

Redmond may introduce more "composite" tests in future, says Microsoft's certification group.

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