August 2002 - Money Matters: Seventh Annual Salary Survey

Plus, Exchange 2000 migration, Distributed file system implementation, becoming a security guru, more.


Exchanging Pain for Pleasure

Moving from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 is a complex task. This migration took many unexpected twists, turns and hours.

Salary Surveys

Income Conundrum

Sometimes you really have to ponder the meaning behind the numbers.

Book Reviews

MCSE Core Four

A thorough guide for an essential foundation

Product Reviews

CodeWarrior Learning Edition

Transcender VB-Cert/Windows 7.0

AppsChannel Code Drop

Precise/Indepth for SQL Server

MYdbPAL Professional 1.0

CodeCharge Studio 1.0.6

The Working Person’s Sniffer

What won’t it monitor?

Robust Security

Easy to use-and effective

Doing a Server Double-Take

Despite its lackluster support, Double-Take may be the safety net you need.

Thwarting Hackers

SecureIIS provides a solid brick in your defensive wall

This is Just A test!

Transcender's SQL-DesignCert 8.0 proves worthy

DNS Expertise at Your Fingertips

DNS Expert Active Directory scores big with the complex, falls short with the simple.

Call Me Certifiable

How Many Microsofts?

Maybe they already broke up the company and we didn’t notice.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: August 2002

"Windowsville" residents chime in on the "which OS is more secure" argument; readers debate Microsoft's longevity.

Mr. Script

Getting Beyond the Subnet

Moving beyond static IP addresses makes our intrepid script router-friendly and takes you to the great outdoors.

Professionally Speaking

Right Path, Going Nowhere

A reader who "followed the rules" is still having a tough time finding a job.

Security Advisor

How To Be a Security Babe

If you want to do IT security because it’s “hot” right now, or because you think that’s where the money is, forget it. If you truly love the field, read on.

Windows Foundation

Threats from the Trenches

You're no security expert, but you should keep an eye on your perimeter network. Implementing intrusion detection and antivirus measures can help.

Windows Insider

Simplify Resource Navigation With Dfs

The Distributed file system (Dfs), when properly implemented, can help your users get where they want to go. But its usefulness doesn’t stop there.


.NET Passport Coming to MCP Secure Site

Later this month, Microsoft will begin implementing .NET Passport login for its MCP Secured and MCT Secured sites.

Systems Administrators: 'Thanks!'

Showing appreciation to systems administrators worldwide on July 26 for their relentless, hard work year-round.

New Security Exam Under Development (Update)

Beta testing for new MCSA/MCSE elective expected in November; plus, certification program unlikely to include lab element in the near future.

U.S. IT Workforce Fell 5 Percent in 2001

A survey from the Information Technology Association of America says that the number of employees in the U.S. IT workforce fell by almost 5 percent in 2001.

Unhackable: Windows Challenge Network not Penetrated

Windows Security Challenge network 1, hackers 0.

Microsoft Exec: Trustworthy Computing More than a Slogan

Goal of Trustworthy Computing initiative is "To make computing so safe and reliable that people simply take it for granted, just like...the telephone system, water supply and electric power grid," say

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