October 2001 - Amazing Stories: Win2K Migration, Upgrade Tales of Woe and Triumph

Plus: Group Policy troubleshooting; setting up Active Directory permissions; 70-210 exam tips and tricks; tackling the 70-217 AD exam.


Planetary Domain

This manufacturing company is seeing its operations spread out around the planet and using Windows 2000 to tie it all together.

Charting a New Course

Converting this college campus to a Windows 2000 network has definitely been a learning experience.

Amazing Stories

If your company's considering a migration or upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to 2000, these true tales of woe and triumph will help you make the journey fearlessly.

Duel to the Death

This health system's organization had its migration strategy all mapped out. But then reality intervened, causing a major course-change.

Troubleshoot Group Policy

These tricks and tools will help you seek out and destroy problem policies.

Book Reviews

Handy Exchange Guide

If you don't already have this book, what are you waiting for?

A Reference That Needs Updating

Might be useful for a beginner's IT library, but newer sources are better.

Rollouts, Explained

Become your company's Win2K installation expert.

Understanding Group Policy

A standout among books on this complex topic.

Exam Reviews

Client-side Competence

The Windows 2000 Professional exam tests your knowledge of the desktop, the network, security-and your ability to read well.

Product Reviews

New Insights on Event Logging

RippleTech's LogCaster allows Windows administrators to collect, filter and take action on the most critical events.

Conquering Patch Madness

UpdateEXPERT eases the task of keeping servers patched.

Managing Active Directory Objects

Do you know what's changed in your Active Directory?

A Better Search Utility

PC Data Finder offers more search flexibility than the built-in Windows tool, and a speed improvement as well.

Forget the Wimpy Windows Command Shell

MKS turbo-charges Windows with Unix scripting power.

I Am the Software Über Admin!

SecureEXE locks down executables to help keep users out of trouble.


A Universe of Answers

When you have a narrow, specific problem that needs troubleshooting, the Knowledge Base is the place to go.

Call Me Certifiable

Missing Something?

By excluding Java Virtual Machine in Windows XP, Microsoft puts users in the middle of its playground war.

Drill Down

A Little Q&A

Exam 70-217 requires solid knowledge of Active Directory. Analyzing questions as well as answers (both right and wrong) can help prepare you for the task ahead.

Editor's Desk

The Yuck Factor

IT cop? South Carolina passed legislation that might add this role to your job description.

Mr. Script

Windows Script Components, Part Deux

The wizard is great, but you'll have to dig deeper to reap all of WSC's rewards.

Professionally Speaking

Narrowing the Chasm

Tying together technical knowledge and business know-how can reap rich rewards.

Security Advisor

Active Directory Object Permissions 101

Understanding the ins and outs of AD and object permissions is no simple task, but your efforts can help avoid catastrophe.

Windows Insider

FTP: Still Valuable After All These Years

File Transfer Protocol has been around a while, and it's still one of the most useful tools to have under your Windows 2000 belt.


UPDATE: Microsoft Rescinds Retirement of NT 4.0 MCSE Track

In a significant announcement made late Wednesday, Microsoft is no longer retiring the certifications of those who obtained their MCSE title under the NT 4.0 track.

Microsoft Rescinds Retirement of NT 4.0 MCSE Track (Original Post, with Comments)

In a significant announcement made late Wednesday, Microsoft is no longer retiring the certifications of those who obtained their MCSE title under the NT 4.0 track.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Officially Unveiled

Certification aimed at identifying specific job skills of systems administrators finally unveiled, to no surprise. However, CompTIA's exams play a big part.

Microsoft Retires Windows NT 4.0 Server

ENTmag.com reports that Microsoft Corp. has officially retired the Windows NT 4.0 Server operating system this week.

MCT 2002 Program Launched Oct. 1

MCTs who plan to retain their titles into the next year must now meet the program's annual renewal requirements.

Free 70-240 Voucher Offer Ends Nov. 1

MCSE candidates who want to take the quick path to MCSE Windows 2000 recertification have less than a month to order the free voucher for the 70-240 Windows 2000 Accelerated exam.

CompTIA Settles Suit with Cheet-Sheets.com

Association reaches settlement on copyright, trademark infringement lawsuit filed against Keen; other vendors keeping eyes on suit, pondering similar action.

Microsoft Launches Security Initiative

According to ENTmag.com, Microsoft Corp. this week launched an initiative to make Windows more secure.

Exam Updates

More than a year after Microsoft began releasing its first batch of Windows 2000 exams, the company has begun sharing details about the number of Win2K exams it has issued.

Digital TechCorp May Bridge Gap Between Public and Private IT

Congressman Tom Davis behind legislation to swap public and private sector IT pros.

Is the Worst Over for IT Hiring?

Are you a dot-com casualty? IT refugee? Newly minted MCSE entering the job market? If so, your employment outlook may not be quite as bleak as it was just a few months ago.

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