May 2001 - Mission Interoperate: Windows 2000 and Unix

Make Windows play nice with NetWare and Unix; migrate from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000; automate Outlook.


Mission Interoperate: Windows 2000 and Unix

Administering two platforms is tough. Microsoft Services for Unix 2.0 provides a practical set of tools for making sure Windows and Unix users get along—and that your job gets easier.

Oracle and Microsoft Working Together a la COM+

Here's how one company's consultants used COM+ and MTS to scale its Oracle database to be available via the Web.

Mix It Up with NetWare

Naturally, Microsoft wants to woo your company away from its reliance on NDS. Windows Services for NetWare is crucial to that goal. Here’s how it works.

Return to Sender

When moving subnets from Unix JOIN to Win2K DHCP, this admin got a crash course on the intricacies of IP addressing and the pure beauty of the superscope.


Microsoft Press Commerce Server Resource Kit, Migrating Exam Tomes

New title available for Migrating Exam; resource kit tools for Commerce Server 2000

Recovering From Disaster

DuoCor Sytem Guardian/XC 2000 centralizes backup administration.

Monitoring ISA Server 2000

New version of Heroix RoboMon incorporates support for ISA Server 2000.

Microsoft Unleashes Exchange 2000 Eval Versions

Newest messaging server available for download as evaluation kit.

Server Consolidation Solution Upgraded

Secure Copy 3.0 adds Microsoft Clustering support.

NETDEPLOY GLOBAL 5.5 Manages Software Distribution

Upgrade adds SmartPull Distributor feature.

He Said, She Said

Got poor Windows 2000 training? One group considers filing suit.

Microsoft Releases Security Updates

Two new security updates for Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server.

Microsoft Releases AD Client Extension

Microsoft has developed an extension for Windows NT 4.0 that allows this platform to take advantage of Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD) features.

New Win2K Titles from O’Reilly

O'Reilly adds Win2K admin book, exam book covering core and design tests.

New Rev of SMS Previewed

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 also introduced.

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