March 2001 - Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom

Contributors and pundits share what they've learned about Windows 2000 one year later.


The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Get to Those Tests

Procrastination can affect your certification. What are you waiting for?

So You've Had an Operations Master Die...

All is not lost. Chart your options before you kill the Operations Master for good.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: At the Controls

For this script geek, Win2K's AD scripting capabilities go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: "Dear Microsoft..."

Our readers speak — loud and clear — about how they are (or aren't) getting along with Windows 2000.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Clocking the Speed Demon

What sticks in my mind as being a wonderful addition? Win2K's IP stack is incredibly fast.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: The Web Mandate

Windows 2000's reliability will make it the obvious upgrade choice for a Web hosting platform.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

After a year of working with the software, the experts speak their minds.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Business Drivers

Application sophistication will drive Win2K in the enterprise.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: User Profile Wisdom

Be smart! Assess the impact of roaming profiles on your user before you adopt them.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Servers First vs. Workstations First

Implementing Win2K on both the front and back ends concurrently can lead to disaster.

From the Trenches: Backup Secrets from a Pro

The backup program in Windows 2000 adds some valuable functionality, but sometimes only a little coding will get you what you really need.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: A Phased Approach

For a successful Win2K implementation, brush up on your project management skills.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: My Whistler Whish List

Because Whistler is Microsoft's response to customer feedback on Windows 2000, here's my lists of wants.

Book Reviews

Figuring Out This Shell Game

This book is clearly for advanced shell programmers only.

A Surface View of Exchange 2000 Server

Don't expect to learn more about Exchange 2000 Server than the name of this book implies.

Missing for a Reason?

The missing manual that should have never been found.

Mastering Network Services

This volume will teach you the ins and outs of Windows 2000 Network Services.

Exam Reviews

The SQL Server Challenge

You don’t have to be a DBA for a worldwide organization to pass this test, but you’d better know all the ins and outs of large database administration.

Product Reviews

Packets: Fine-Tuning Installation Choices

InstallShield’s Tuner tool helps you control network “featuritis.”

Systems Management —Anywhere, Anytime

At home — even in your pajamas — you can run your Windows 2000 network via the Internet. See how three Web-based management tools help you tackle the task.

Packets: Surfing Surveillance

It’s 1984 all over again — Big Brother IS watching.

Rescuing Your Windows System

Network bite the big one? ERD Commander 2000 might just be your savior.

Call Me Certifiable

A Licensing Oddity

Auntie dreams that Microsoft’s licensing will have to change to survive into the new millennium.

Drill Down

Self-Study — Your Road to the MCSE?

Consider Sybex’s Windows 2000 self-study materials a good place to start learning Win2K basics. Just don’t expect them to be the end-all, be-all.

Editor's Desk

The New Windows

These four feature areas seem to be the most compelling of the new single-codebase Windows.

Mr. Script

Tap the LDAP Provider to Plumb Active Directory

This month, Chris takes a final dive into the depths of ADSI and shows how it works with LDAP to make Active Directory information easily accessible.

Professionally Speaking

Building a Better Resumé

Which types of resumes do (and don't) work.

Security Advisor

IPSec Rules!

Sometimes you can’t ignore the absolutes. In the case of communication security, just remember: If it doesn’t match, it’s gonna crash.

SQL Insider

Master of Query Performance

Add Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Performance Monitor and good query-writing habits to your bag of tricks, and you may never have to worry about performance complaints again.

Windows Foundation

Group Policy Therapy

Get more work done. In this first of three parts, Harry Brelsford explains the advantages of this jewel of Win2K technology.

Windows Insider

NAT Expands the Net

With everyone jumping on the Internet bandwagon, address space has become hot property. But with NAT as a core function in Windows 2000, even smaller businesses can have their share of the pie.

Office 365 Watch

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