June 2001 - 70-240 Win2K Accelerated Exam: Your Guide to Victory

Plus, basic specs for building your own Win2K exam practice lab.


Your Guide to Victory: True North on Your 70-240 Quest

You have one chance—and one chance only—to prove your expertise on Windows 2000. Here's what you need to understand to make sure you get through 70-240 victoriously.

70-240 Guide: Build Your Test Lab

For a thorough understanding of the 70-240 exam objectives, nothing replaces hands-on experience. Build this test lab to get your practice.

Book Reviews

Visual FoxPro Exam Help, Finally!

Don't go it alone. Here's an exam self-study guide for the FoxPro developer.

Accelerated Learning

This new study guide from Sybex can be a valuable aid in helping you pass the Win2K accelerated exam.

Mastering Exchange 2000 Server

Need a top-end resource to help prep you for the Exchange 2000 Server MCSE exam? This Microsoft training kit may just be the thing.

Active Directory From The Ground Up

This book covers the gamut of AD functionality, and has something for everyone.

Product Reviews

Microsoft’s Pathfinder

Built into Windows 2000, Pathping helps identify the source of slow connection problems between network hosts.

Keeping Your System in Sync

Looking for a way to run your enterprise centrally—while bringing together system configuration, compliance and control? Consider Configuresoft’s Enterprise Configuration Manager 3.5.

Network Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Can you use your PDA to monitor and control your network? Our reviewer says the time is near.

SPEED Ferret Eases the Pain of Spec Changes

Update property settings in bulk with this useful utility.


How To Get (and Not Get) Your Windows 2000 Certification

With the clock ticking on NT 4.0 certification, now is the time to prepare yourself to take—and pass—the Windows 2000 exams. Here’s what it’ll take.

Call Me Certifiable

Riding Out the Bumps

With the economy full of potholes, it’s the resourceful, the tenacious and the sociable who will enjoy the smoother road.

Drill Down

Scaling the Certification Mountain

As you negotiate the tricky trail leading to the summit—your Windows 2000 MCSE certification—will New Riders’ ExamGear product provide a lifeline?

Editor's Desk

Turn The Channel

Does Infiniband have the potential to reduce the need for highly-skilled IT workers at small orgs?

Mr. Script

A Matter of Class

Taking an object-oriented approach to scripting can help your variable structure run like a well-oiled machine.

Professionally Speaking

How Much is Too Much?

How much training should be performed on the job?

Security Advisor

A Tale of Two Tunnels

Like any security decision, choosing the right equipment and software isn’t something you should take lightly. If you’re looking for a “plug-and-go” firewall for your small business—along with the ability to set up a solid VPN—SonicWALL can fulfill that need.

Windows Foundation

Active Directory Scorecard

A year and a half has passed since Active Directory was unleashed, with the promise of simpler management and significant cost savings. Harry points to other less-than-obvious benefits.

Windows Insider

Who ARE you?

When it comes to keeping your system safe from hackers trying to ride a Trojan horse through your defense perimeter, a Certificate Authority can make sure everybody’s exactly who they claim to be.


Multitask Yourself

KVM switch for operating four computers doubles as monitor stand.

Microsoft Security Updates

IE 5, IIS 5.0, and Windows NT/2000 affected.

IT Job Growth Slows

The demand for IT workers has slowed in the past year, but don’t panic: There are still plenty of jobs out there.

Maintain Performance Monitoring

RippleTech LogCaster 3.1 provides agent-level real-time/historical performance monitoring.

Microsoft Win2K Exam Titles Debut

Microsoft Press adds four core exam titles with CD reference libraries.

Managing Storage Via the Web

Quota Server Admin+ allows storage management via a Web interface.

New Electives Announced for MCSE

Microsoft recently published information about two new exams that will serve as electives for the MCSE certification.

Migrating to Win2K Safely

InstallShield provides Application Migration Practice.

MCSD Revisions on Tap

MCP Magazine has learned Microsoft is in the midst of revising MCSD certification track requirements.

Keep Control of Your Database

Coefficient monitors SQL Server 7.0/2000 activity.

An IT Director Goes Shopping

One way tanking dot-coms have of paying off their debts to investors is to sell assets through auction. And therein lies an opportunity for the savvy network administrator to pick up bargains.

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