January 2001 - Resizing BackOffice 2000

Small or large? Find out what works best and how it can save your bottom line.


Resizing BackOffice Server

Microsoft is repositioning its flagship server suite, BackOffice Server 2000. Should you be concerned that it's being broken up? Contributing Editor Harry Brelsford offers his view.

Windows 2000 on the Mainframe

Datacenter Server isn’t just about the software. Its adoption also encompasses hardware and partnerships, mindset and expectations. Here’s what you can look forward to when you enter the glass house.

Baby BackOffice: Small Business Server 2000

For smaller businesses, BackOffice-based Small Business Server may be the answer.

Book Reviews

Planning an Active Directory Implementation

Implementing Active Directory (AD) is a daunting task requiring extensive planning and testing, and this New Riders' release emphasizes just how important this preparation is.

Making Sense of Active Directory

If the devil is in the details, the details (on Active Directory) are here.

Integrating Unix and Windows NT

Though uneven in presentation, this video series still is a help for those linking the disparate operating systems.

New Era Developer

Get a jump-start on B2B data transfer with this definitive learning resource.

Exam Reviews

Clustering Services

Hardware know-how gets its day in the sun with the Clustering exam. Word of warning: This test isn’t for the faint of heart.

Product Reviews

Track Those TCP Ports

TCPView ferrets out connection information.

Unified Messaging Made Ultra-Comprehensive

InternetPBX allows users to access voice messages, emails, faxes, and more from a single Web interface.

Manage Your Bandwidth

Stay on top of your Quality of Service needs with Total Control.

Powerful Firewall Gets Personal

Driven by a simple, application-based security rule-set, ZoneAlarm keeps computer invaders at bay.

Keeping Your Balance

As your Web site grows, you must find a way to manage traffic. Here are some load-balancing technologies that can help your site zip right along.


Sound Investment

Windows 2000 Datacenter Server provides solid, mission-critical computing — and support — for the largest of environments.

Call Me Certifiable

Mail Call

The thrill ain’t gone, but the stakes are higher when it comes to the power of electronic communication.

Drill Down

Beating the Certification Clock

Transcender’s Win2K test-preparation products offer solid, well-researched content — just in time.

Editor's Desk

New Beginnings

Style changes are afoot at MCP Magazine, but it still has the content you're asking for.

Mr. Script

Spinning a Web of Control

Now that the real millennium is upon us, it’s time to properly administer our Web sites—and ADSI IIS Provider is just the tool to make it happen.

Professionally Speaking

The Road to the Top

Reaching your career goals requires not only dedication but continuing education.

Security Advisor

Active Directory Data: Guarding the Family Jewels

Now that you know what Active Directory is — and how vital it is — what are you doing to keep it safe?

SQL Insider

Behind Relational Databases

You've worked with SQL Server, but what's working behind the scenes? This new series delves into the processes happening on the back end.

Windows Foundation

Top 10 Reasons to Implement Windows 2000 Now!

Almost a year later and Windows 2000 has stood the test of time. So, what's stopping you from implementing it? Here's why you shouldn't wait much longer.

Windows Insider

ERD to the Rescue

Despite the common thought that the Emergency Repair Disk utility is MIA in Win2K, this backup tool is alive and well — and ready to save the day.

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