December 2001 - Your IT Operations Guide

Plus: 5 Exchange Virus Checkers; Active Directory Management Tools; 3 SMS Resources; Security in the .NET World


A Method for the Madness

Understanding and applying the Microsoft frameworks can help you bring order and meaning to the chaos of technical projects in your organization.

The Human Factor

Anti-virus software can help with only one part of the defense.

Stop Viruses at the Gate

The newest crop of Exchange antivirus products prevents users from receiving infected mail.

Your IT Operations Guide

Running behind? Too much to do? Worried about the future? Take a breather and consider how to do your job better. This report shares 10 best practices that will put you and your IT staff ahead of the next fire.

The Three Components of Network Management

Before you use MOM, brush up on the basics of enterprise systems monitoring.

Antiviral Scanners

This is Roberta; are you working?

MOM is still Watching You

It takes a powerful server to watch over an entire network. Is Microsoft Operations Manager up to the task?


Microsoft to Bump Up Exam Pricing Next Year

Twenty-five percent increase expected to be announced on Friday.

Beta: 70-218, Managing a Win2K Network Environment

MCSA core exam heads into beta testing Dec. 17 to Dec. 21.

MCSA Gets New Exam

As reported in last month’s issue, Microsoft has announced a new certification that fits snugly between the MCP and MCSE credentials.

NT 4.0 Retirement Reversal Popular with MCSEs

Once an MCSE on Windows NT 4.0, always an MCSE on Windows NT 4.0.

Microsoft Retires Windows NT 4.0

The first Microsoft network operating system to gain wide acceptance in the IT industry, Windows NT 4.0, has been officially sent riding off into the sunset.

Gartner IIS Analysis Off-Target, Say Some Experts

Gartner Inc. recommends that organizations start looking at alternatives to IIS; not everyone agrees with that assessment, however.

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