May 2000 - Interop: Windows 2000/Unix DNS

Save on Win2K installs with RIS; an exam for Project Managers; getting high-tech jobs in the U.S.


On the International Front: Coming to America

The author shares his insights about taking high-tech position in the U.S. It's not all sunshine and stock options.

Closing the IT-Business Gap

Ever failed at a project because you didn't understand how to manage it? A new GartnerInstitute program wants to teach you a better way.

Team Effort: Integrating Windows 2000 DNS with Unix DNS

Microsoft's new domain name service is enticing but requires significant planning, especially across platforms and operating systems. Perhaps the greatest challenge is interoperability with Unix DNS.

Systems Engineering: Assembly-Line Deployment

When you're calculating TCO to justify Windows 2000, don't forget Remote Installation Services, a neat tool to deploy the OS to your client PCs.

Book Reviews

SMS Classroom

All this training kit leaves out is the live instructor.

Ramping Up On SQL

If you're new to SQL Server 7.0, this guide will take you through the product in preparation for the exam. Just add hands-on.

Managing The New Network

A critical guide for network architects and administrators and the people who manage them.

Product Reviews

What's Your Web Site Up To?

Here are two programs to help you analyze those log files that IIS uses to audit Web site activity.

Smart Backup for Windows

Retrospect delivers cutting-edge backup and restore technology

Block, Then Tackle

Install HackerShield 2.0 on your NT network,and your boss might mistake you for a security expert.

Roll 'Em Out


New Opportunities with Terminal-Based Computing

Windows 2000 Terminal Services extends the reach of applications--and the administration behind them.

Call Me Certifiable

Bugs in Shrinkwrap

At last tally, Win2K had 63,000 of 'em. It's time to bring on the service packs!

Drill Down

The Definitive Deployment Download

The Windows 2000 Deployment Planning Guide, a free book from Microsoft, consolidates descriptions of the inner workings of most of the major components that make up Windows 2000.

Editor's Desk

Give a Little, Get a Little

Take a minute to tell us what makes your job great.

Mr. Script

Graceful Error Handling

Sometimes, you want to trap scripting errors before anyone notices. Good error handling is the key.

Professionally Speaking

Legacy Lament

Advice about when to stay at your job and when to jump.

Two Paths Diverged in the Woods

Should I take the jump and join a large company or small startup?

Security Advisor

Single Sign-On Promises

Making SSO a reality in mixed-OS enterprises involves niggling details, compromises, and add-ons or third-party solutions. Does Windows 2000 help?

Windows Foundation

Windows 2000 Diplomacy: Key Protocols

The critical nature of protocols demands that you spend a few minutes studying the protocols that can make or break your network.

Windows Insider

Back to Work

Put aside your latest list of one-alarm fires for a few hours and spend some time planning your disaster recovery response.

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