March 2000 - How to Limit User Access with Win2K Security

Plus, IEAK 5.0 exam reviewed; negotiating Win2K's licensing program; top 10 NT 4.0 security fixes.


Tickets, Please! Limit User Access with Windows 2000

Use Windows 2000's default security to make sure no one gets in without your permission. First step: Understand what ships in the product.

As Complex As It Gets: Windows 2000 Licenses

Windows 2000 licensing can be complex if your needs go beyond the basics. Our intrepid reporter sorts it all out, and offers some hints on where you can get the best deals for your company's needs.

From the Trenches: At Home with a Win2K Network

Do your homework! Setting up a small network running Win2K is just the ticket if you want hands-on experience immediately.

From the Trenches: Have a Crash-Free Day

Heroix RoboMon acts as a beacon for systems administrators whose networks are about to flounder on the rocks.


MCPs -- get recognized!

Front, Face! MCP Magazine Wants To Publish Your Picture!

For an upcoming special project, MCP Magazine would like to publish photographs of its readers.

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