July 2000 - Migrating to Windows 2000

Migrating tips; Win2K Terminal Services implementation; multiprocessors.


From the Trenches: Move Seamlessly from One Processor to Many

How do you get NT 4.0 to recognize your second processor if it won't even boot up?

The Mole: Message Management Tricks

In which the Mole addresses event logging magic and copying groups.

Progress at the Speed of Thin

Terminal Services offers a way to move your clients to Windows 2000--and other new applications--without messing with hardware or OS upgrades.

Make the Move to Windows 2000: Advice from the Experts

Migrating to a system as complex as Windows 2000 is tough. Here's what consulting firms and analysts recommend as you plan your company's deployment.

Book Reviews

Find Networking Answers Fast

This book takes the best of a dozen Sybex books on networking with Windows NT, Novell, Netware, and Unix.

Prepping for MCSD Certification

Want something more than the usual study guide for the Solution Architectures core exam? This book is an excellent tool.

Exam Reviews

Wizard of the Network

Your Knowledge in eight areas--DNS, DHCP, remote access, network protocols, IP routing, WINS, NAT, and Certificate Services--will prove your mastery of network infrastructures.

Active Directory Knowledge

Proving that you're ready to implement Active Directory requires a deep understanding of Group Policy, Domains, OUs, and DNS.

Client-Side Common Sense

Are you ready to go beyond the wizards of Windows 2000 and dig in to Microsoft's most complex OS yet?

Server Savvy

Sure, you understand plenty about implementing server software, which could surface in this exam; it's the new functionality of Win2K that can trip you up.

Product Reviews

Bringing Unix to Windows

Leverage the skills of Unix administrtors with these utilities brought to WinNT/2000.

Sorting Out Service Packs

Gravity Storm program makes service pack and hotfix installation a snap.

Getting Lean and Mean: Windows 2000-Ready Thin Clients

Inventory, Distribution, and More

LANUtil32 offers polished network management in an easy-to-use package.

Toolbox for Remote Control

PC-Duo provides flexible network control--without leaving the office.

Speed Up Windows 2000

SuperSpeed puts a new twist on disk caching.

Burning Up the Wire

The affordable Cisco 3500 switch offers a GUI interface to IOS, Gigabit Ethernet support, and clustering capabilities. What more could a network engineer want?


Exchange 2000 Calls for a New Way of Thinking

Exchange 2000 offers new features aimed at making it a true collaboration platform.

Call Me Certifiable

An IT Pro's Job is Never Done

Too busy to take a break? Do yourself a favor and make time.

Drill Down

Master of the Server

Passing the Windows 2000 exam won't be easy--at all. Mastering Windows 2000 Server, Second Edition can help you weather the storm.

Editor's Desk

Splitting Image

With Microsoft breaking up, here are a few guesses where the certification group will end up.

Mr. Script

Get Yourself Organized

Functions not only help you organize your scripts into subroutines, they also let you choose between going global or staying local.

Professionally Speaking

Marketing Your MCSE

In an ocean of MCSEs, how do you make yourself stand out?

Security Advisor

Securing Terminal Services

Running Windows 2000 Terminal Services is the next best thing to being there--but how do you do it securely?

Windows Foundation

DNS, How Do I Love Thee?

WINS is outta here!... sort of. Microsoft's adoption of DNS makes our IT lives much less complicated. Here's a guide to working with it.

Windows Insider

Active Directory Install, Step by Step

Even if you lack a Windows 2000 lab, you can still map out the process of directory service installation.

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