January 2000 - IIS 5.0 Lends Security and Speed to Your Online Efforts


Systems Engineering: Stressing Out over IIS

Test with Microsoft Web Stress Tool to tune IIS before it hits the wall. Then use Performance Monitor to measure the improvements.

Breaking In: Success Stories from New MCSEs

Maybe you have an MCSE, or maybe you're working on the title. But equally important (if not more so) is experience. How do you get it?

From the Trenches: The Case of the Disappearing Printer Shares

What do you do when the standard approach to problem-solving doesn't work?

Web Wizardry: Putting the Internet to Work on Windows 2000

Hunting for that first compelling reason to install Windows 2000 now? Consider putting IIS 5.0 to work increasing your Web site’s security and performance.

Book Reviews

Useful Books for the SQL 7.0 Data Warehouses Exam

Get a thorough understanding of OLAP with this excellent resource.

Secret SQL 7.0

DBAs will find this a handy, useful guide to SQL 7.0's hidden gems.

Serious Windows 2000 Training

For the exams or for real work, this one satisfies both training goals.

Exam Reviews

Making Sense of Data

The Data Warehouse exam challenges traditional notions of data management and pushes you to excel in your SQL 7.0 knowledge.

Product Reviews

CaliberRM 4.1

Turbocharge Your FrontPage Web Pages

Don't want to fuss with Web page scripting? Use J-Bots instead.

Questions on the IIS Test

Consider it a study tool and IIS reference in one.

Software in Nice, Tidy Packages

Finding Flaws in Your Network Armor

Keep your network thriving -- L3 Security Retriever inspects it for life-threatening intrusions.


Testing the Practice Test Providers

Microsoft has a new program that gives a stamp of approval to select practice test providers.

Call Me Certifiable

Why 2K is Better Than 1

The future's looking pretty good from this partygoer's viewpoint.

Drill Down

Start Your Engine

New Riders’ ExamGear exam prep software offers lively questions for the discerning MCSE-to-be.

Editor's Desk


The end of the century brings with it a fresh new start for some of our regular contributors.

Mr. Script

Yanking Data from an Active Server Page

Tap this automated method for using a script to drop “unsubscribe” customers from your email lists.

Professionally Speaking

Make the Management Move

Consider carefully all your options before deciding management is your path to career happiness.

Security Advisor

Armchair Security

Roberta culls her considerable library to bring you some of the best and worst that’s been published on her favorite topic.

Windows Foundation

Installing Windows 2000, Part 1

Planning is the first step to a successful installation.

Windows Insider

Looks Like Home

You’ll recognize the architecture of Windows 2000, which builds on the solid foundation poured for NT 4.0.

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