February 2000 - Figuring Out Win2K's MMC

Microsoft Management Console -- what's missing and what works. Plus, preparing for an SMS 2.0 install.


SMS Planning Chart

Tackle the iNet+ Test

CompTIA's latest vendor-neutral certification proves your knowledge of Internet applications.

Figuring Out the Pieces of Microsoft Management Console

Microsoft set a lofty goal of creating a consistent interface to help you manage a variety of network tasks. MMC takes us partway there; here's what works— and which pieces still are missing.

Survive Chaos

How one company applies its understanding of the psychological issues surrounding troubleshooting to make it an efficient and painless process.

Systems Engineering: A Simple Plan for SMS

Preparing an SMS 2.0 installation requires people, training, data-gathering, design, and testing. Here's an approach to guide you through the entire effort.

White-Coat Computer Science

Those who test products and changes before rolling them into production stand a higher chance of continued employment. Use that technical version of Darwin’s natural selection to your advantage.

Book Reviews

Win2K Design by the Book

The bottom line on Active Directory in fine detail.


Possessing an MCSE certification means you probably don't need this book. It would simply be leftovers.

SQL Around the Clock

Valuable and accurate information enabling you to excel as SQL Server database administrators.

Product Reviews

Protect Yourself from Lost Passwords

ElcomSoft reliably recovers ZIP passwords.

Nice Recovery!

Executive Software's Undelete compliments your backups with another layer of file protection.

Automate the VB Build Process

A tool for the serious Visual Basic developer.

Who's Responsible?

Pass off simple admin tasks to someone else via Aelita Delegation Manager 3.0.

A Control Panel for Your Information

Drive your business with Microsoft's new Digital Dashboard.

Headlines on Your Desktop

Headline Viewer rethinks the news browser.

Delegate NT Administration

Trusted Enterprise Manager lets systems administrators sleep at night.


New Win2K Courses in Classrooms or Online

Microsoft Official Curriculum has been adapted to target a wider range of IT Professionals.

Call Me Certifiable

Just 'Round the Corner

Calling it a “Notes killer” may be premature, but Tahoe — the new kid on the block — is ready to rumble.

Playing by the Rules

In hindsight, the finding of fact in the Microsoft antitrust case was too obvious. What's next is the real surprise.

Drill Down

Digging into Windows 2000

Interactive exercises and video animations are key features of TestOut!’s Win2K exam prep materials. But will you be confused by some inconsistencies in the product?

Separating NT 4.0 from Win2K

A solid understanding of NT 4.0 will help you understand Windows 2000. This book spells out a track of attack for you.

Editor's Desk

Three Little Words

PVN? USN? Who was right?

Accelerated Demise

As current electives go under the ax, MCSEs can only guess how relevant their certs may be in a year's time.

Mr. Script

Virtual Control

IIS gives you the power to create and manage virtual directories—for jobs big (and little).

X-Ray Vision

Use a handy utility called XRay.exe to scrutinize objects and understand what they can add to your scripting efforts.

Professionally Speaking

Your Future as an MCSE

The changes coming to your MCSE title with Windows 2000 give you a good reason to evaluate your career plans.

Security Advisor

Protect Yourself

When you’re on the road, consider yourself (and your laptop) under the constant threat of attack. Be prepared.

Who's Lookin' At You?

Intrusion detection isn’t just software—it means monitoring your network to discover attacks. Sometimes that infiltration comes from places you’d never expect.

SQL Insider

Drilling Down on Queries

Now that you understand the basic structure of a SQL application, let's dissect the basis of information retrieval: the query.

Windows Foundation

Terminal Services, The Rest of the Story

Application sharing can make you a hero with remote users. But don't forget to examine the hidden issues with using Win2K Terminal Services in that mode.

Installing Windows 2000, Part 2

Configuration of Active Directory is the second step to a successful installation.

Windows Insider

NetBIOS — The Service That Wouldn't Die

With the slow but steady migration to Windows 2000, NetBIOS receives another stay of execution. So, how does this collective pet peeve affect you?

Inside Windows Installer

With the advent of this Windows 2000 tool, there’s finally a concerted effort to get .DLL hell and similar problems under control.


SUS Gets a Service Pack Upgrade

Microsoft’s Software Update Services has added a critical piece of functionality that promises to make it much more useful in the enterprise—the ability to install service packs.

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