December 2000 - Take It Easy! Let IntelliMirror Do All the Work for You

Windows 2000's management tools can get you home on time.


Take It Easy... Let Windows 2000 IntelliMirror Do the Work

We know you're skeptical about how much time you'll truly save moving your organization to Windows 2000. But some of these management tools really can help you get home on time for a change.

Book Reviews

Upgrader's Guide to Win2

Keep your NT-to-Win2K migration in check with this helpful book.

Make Win2K Work—And Keep it Working

Use this “text book” to learn the ins and outs of Win2K administration.

Exam Reviews

Managing Migration

Proving that you’re ready to perform a migration to Windows 2000 requires a deep understanding of Windows 2000, Active Directory, NT 4.0, and the tools in the Win2K Resource Kit.

Product Reviews

Vanquishing Viruses: A Primer for the Hunter

Consider yourself under the threat of constant attack—viruses aren’t going away. Here, we examine five network anti-virus solutions that can aid you in your fight.

Help for Diverse Directories

Need help managing heterogeneous networks? Perhaps bv-Admin is the answer.

Secure Your System

Build comprehensive firewall protection with CyberwallPLUS 6.0.

One-Touch Smart Reporting

Quickly access your SMS database via Aelita's SnapReports.

StuffIt Comes to Windows

Aladdin Systems StuffIt offers an alternative to WinZip, but is it better?

Step Up to Active Directory

Domain Migration Administrator excels on security migration.


Mobile Endeavor

If you think low-cost laptops mitigate the need for handheld PCs, think again.

Call Me Certifiable

Bah, Humbug

This year has been a trying one for many, but it’s time we remind ourselves about what’s really important in life.

Back in Your Court

A decision in the antitrust case keeps us all in limbo.

Drill Down

Test Yourself

Self Test’s Win2K practice exams are solid, though improving technical explanations and implementing a 32-bit testing engine wouldn’t hurt.

Editor's Desk

Business Sense

Active Directory warrants a melding of technical and business skills.

Mr. Script

Password Workout

Flex your analytical muscle with a little XOR-cise.

Professionally Speaking

Words of Wisdom

This month, Greg and Steve share with you some books they hold near and dear to their hearts—personally, as well as professionally.

Security Advisor

The Gift of Group Policy

Santa Gates has a special toy from the land of Windows 2000. Question is, how does it work?

Windows Foundation

Network Monitor to the Rescue

Get help troubleshooting and fine-tuning performance on your Win2K systems with this handy tool.

Windows Insider

Take It Offline

When network connections are unavailable, Windows 2000’s Offline Files can keep you going.

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