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Windows 8 File System Opened

File systems might not sound sexy, but they sure are critical. And when old file systems run out of gas, new ones eventually come in. But as what could arguably be the core of the OS, changing a file system ain't so easy -- and Microsoft knows that from its experience with Windows NT.

That hasn't stopped the company from launching a new file system, the Resilient File System. (Instead of RFS, Redmond calls this ReFS so that the acronym can be as complex as the underlying technology.)

The good news: The new file system (I can't bring myself to type ReFS) is compatible with NTFS. And I've heard no complaints from Win 8 testers about file interoperability.
What hot about the new file system is Storage Spaces, a form of virtualization that turns multiple drives into a single, logical, addressable unit. This allows Win 8 clients to front-end large databases such as for BI, monster spreadsheets for number crunchers, or technical and modeling data for the real eggheads.

This could also be a godsend for media pros, musicians, and just those that like to collect tons and tons of videos and music (I reckon the pirates will love it!).


Posted by Doug Barney on 01/27/2012 at 1:19 PM


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