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Projecting Microsoft's Future

Independent research firm Directions on Microsoft recently came out with its predictions for Microsoft's 2012 product launches. While any predictions should be taken with a grain of salt, there is an assurance of credibility with Directions on Microsoft -- a large number of its analysts are made up of former Redmond employees.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Microsoft's Azure platform is poised to undergo two updates this year. The first, arriving some time in April, will ease both the transferring and costs of porting Windows Server apps to its cloud platform. The second upgrade will aim to increase the amount of Microsoft products that are compatible with Azure (which includes compatibility with Office 365).

  • System Center 2012 will receive a major overhaul in almost every aspect of the suite. Enterprises will soon be able to buy the entire System Center product line in one purchase (instead of its previous a la carte format), bonds with Azure will be tightened and its licensing model for enterprises will be completely rewritten and simplified.

  • While both Windows 8 and Windows Server 8 should come out later this year (or possible Q1 2013 releases), don't expect to see both arrive at the same time. Windows Server 8 won't be tied to the OS and should hit the market after Windows 8.

  • While set for tablet use, Windows 8 may also be making an appearance on high-end smartphones.

What projected Microsoft product releases are you most looking forward to? And which ones look like an automatic pass? Let Doug know at [email protected]. Also, if you love Microsoft product timelines, check out Redmond Channel Partner's 2012 Microsoft Product Roadmap.
-- By Chris Paoli

Posted by Chris Paoli on 01/30/2012 at 1:19 PM


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