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Doug's Mailbag: All Things Windows 8

Readers discuss their thoughts on Windows 8, whether it's the OS, server or tablet device:

Windows 8 (desktop) is what I am anxious to see (but then, I am an early adopter). My employer, a university which tends to adopt new technology early in its lifecycle, will probably be a lot less interested in migrating this time around.

I don't put much credence in IDC or others like them.

To me, the more interesting questions pertain to Microsoft's tablet strategy. I can easily imagine that the netbook will disappear and be replaced by a Windows 8 (Intel) tablet capable of running legacy Windows applications. This tablet could compete head-to-head with the 10-inch iPad at iPad price-points. Microsoft might then respond to the lower-end of the tablet market with a Windows 8 ARM tablet running Metro apps. This device could compete with 7-inch tablets at $200 to $350 price-points -- and with Windows 8 Metro smart phones.

It could be an interesting strategy. Or, like the Zune, Microsoft's tablet strategy could be a flop.

Yes, I care about Win 8.

I moved from Win 7 with VMware Workstation to Win 8 with Hyper-V for my demo vms, running a Dell Precision 5700 2 ssd and 16GB of ram. 

It is working good -- Hyper-V is lacking some features vs. VMware workstation, but it dose the job and very well. I am also using to manage the Hyper-V. Its console is very nice and easy to tab through windows vs. having a bunch of windows open.

I have disabled the Metro UI. It was totally useless on a laptop -- maybe once the app store opens up might be better.

It has been very stable considering its only a pre beta.

I think the big question is 'Will Office run on ARM?'

The answer is almost certainly 'No,' at least not the versions of Office we have known and loved in the past. It is going to take a full port or maybe the same code base that is rumored to be in work for iOS.

Honestly, I think this question is the potential Achilles' heel of Win 8 on ARM! Would you want a Windows 8 tablet without a full functioning Office?

Do I want or desire a Win 8 Tablet?  Absolutely!

I'm now using Windows Phone 7.5 on my smartphone and love it. I've had an iPhone and iPad... I didn't like it, won't buy it again and now waiting for Win 8.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 12/09/2011 at 1:18 PM


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