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Doug's Mailbag: Windows 8, Linux Ramblings

Here are a few responses on the unveiling of the upcoming Windows OS:

I have a client I moved off their old 'coal fired' XP machines and onto (at the time) the new Dell Vista Business machines. Ever since, they have tried to remove a pound of flesh from me every other week. I want to get them onto Windows 7, but if I am wrong and they don't like Win7 I will lose a valuable client.

When Microsoft does release Windows 8, it had better have built something as reliable and likeable as XP or their reputation and those of many of us partners could easily be toast in many customer shops. Just because an OS is branded with the name 'Microsoft Windows' does not mean it will immediately be liked and accepted.

Microsoft doesn't even have Windows 7 well done yet and now it is doing Windows 8?

And it's changing the UI AGAIN? Is Microsoft totally NUTS?

In my mind this is nothing more than a way to sell new software. It could have done the new GUI or GUIs in a SP.

Microsoft just don't get it. My next tower will NOT be run by Windows -- it will be run via Linux or a Mac.

The above is a personal opinion and may or may not reflect the opinion of anyone else at my company.

One reader shares his Linux market share thoughts:

Even at .81 I think Linux still has a place, primarily in the low-end PC market or recycled PC market.

I will often repurpose older hardware to people who can't otherwise afford a new system.
And in this case, I will not buy new OS licenses (I'd go broke) and find that desktop Linux, normally Ubuntu, works nicely as a replacement.

But do I think desktop Linux has a real place in the consumer market? No.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 06/08/2011 at 1:18 PM


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