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Doug's Mailbag: Windows Tablet Wishlist

One reader breaks down what he wants from the next Microsoft tablet:

Am I looking forward to Windows 8? Well, not really, Doug! I am, however, interesting in seeing a true Windows tablet.

I am not sure that a tablet edition of Windows 8 needs to be identical to the desktop edition of '8' but they must be 100 percent compatible.

For me (and anyone else in an Exchange-based enterprise), Outlook on a Windows tablet must have all of the capabilities of Outlook on the Desktop. Whether that is accomplished via a full Outlook implementation on the tablet or via a 'thin client' to Outlook in the Microsoft cloud, I really don't care as long as the result is indistinguishable from Outlook on the desktop. (No, don't give me Outlook Web Access and try to sell it to me as 'just as good as Outlook on the desktop.' I know better. OWA is the bastard stepchild of desktop Outlook -- everybody knows it!

Aside from Outlook capabilities, I expect my Windows 8 tablet running IE to be able to deliver Web pages that are identical to those from IE on the desktop... AND I expect to be able to view and print my Office documents from the tablet. I do NOT expect to have a fully functional version of MS Office though.

Here's what Microsoft needs to keep in mind for its next line of tablets:

  • A Windows-based tablet has to be no heavier than the Apple iPad
  • It has to have decent battery life (to last a full work day, 8 hours under constant use)
  • It has to cost NO MORE THAN (and preferably LESS THAN) an Apple iPad
  • It should be designed to replace the netbook computer in the space between the entry-level Windows notebook and a Windows-based smartphone (as the iPad is positioned between an iPhone and a MacBook).

- Marc

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Posted by Doug Barney on 06/15/2011 at 1:18 PM


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