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HTML 5 Cruising Along

HTML 5 is a driving technology behind IE 9, IE 10 and now Windows 8. But did you know the spec isn't even finished yet? It is getting closer. In fact, instead using terms like alpha or beta the W3C consortium, which is working on the spec, says it is on "last call." Now, they aren't taking final orders for your Jack and Coke -- they are in the final throes of getting developer input.

The good news is HTML 5 is a multi-faceted spec, and much of what Microsoft uses is pretty far along.

Now the spec is about to enter its final test phase, a phase that will be open to a larger number of developers and IT pros. It's been a long time coming. HTML 4.01 can out a dozen years ago.

HTML 5 is far more dynamic than the aging HTML 4, with better video, graphics animation and the ability to build rich Web apps. But don't go too crazy yet. The final spec may not be approved 'till 2014.

Many standards work this way, and their specs are often widely adopted years before they are actually approved. This happened with WiFi, and we were none the worse for wear.

Posted by Doug Barney on 06/06/2011 at 1:18 PM


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