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41 Tech Acronyms with Sketchy Double Meanings

BOF: Buffer Overflow
BOD: Bandwidth on Demand
AAS: Auto Area Segmentation
ATE: Asynchronous Terminal Emulation
BJ: Bubble Jet
Blob: Binary Large Object
CAD: Computer Aided Design
CCK: Client Customization Kit
CLOB: Character Bit Object
CRAM: Card Random Access Memory
CUD: Cursor Down
DAM: Direct Access Mode
FAT: File Allocation Table
DIP: Dual Inline Pin
DNR: Domain Name Resolver
DUNCE: Dial Up Network Connection Enhancement
FAC: File Access Code
FUUG: Finnish Unix User Group
GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program
HIMEM: High Memory
IP: Internet Protocol
IDUG: International DB2 User Group
IRAM: Intelligent Random Access Memory
ISCIS: Internet Small Computer Interface
LAP: Linux Application Programs
LISP: List Processor
MBONE: Multicast Backbone
MAM: Memory Allocation Map
NAD: Network Access Device
NIPS: Network Intrusion Prevention System
OOO: Out of Office
POOP: Parallel Object Oriented Program
POS: Point of Sale
RAM: Random Access Memory
SACK: Selective Acknowledgement
PET: Progressive Education Technology
PHOLED: Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diode
SPEWS: Spam Prevention Early Warning System
STD: Set Direction Flag
SWISH: Simple Web Indexing System for Humans  

Posted by Doug Barney on 02/24/2011 at 1:18 PM


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