Installing the Hyper-V Module for PowerShell

If you're getting error messages while trying to manage a remote Hyper-V host from a Windows 10 desktop, here's one possible reason -- and a solution.

Can Group Policy Settings Be Applied to Hyper-V VMs?

As Brien shows, here's where WMI filtering comes in handy.

Managing Hyper-V VMs with PowerShell Direct

Here's how to use PowerShell to manage Hyper-V virtual machines without having to jump through the usual hoops.

Docker Rolls Out Windows Server Application Migration Program

Docker announced a new Windows Server Application Migration program on Thursday.

Windows Server 2019 Now Commercially Available, But Hardware Lags

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that Windows Server 2019 has reached "general availability" commercial release status, although the certified hardware from equipment makers is yet to come.

Windows Virtual Desktop Service Will Offer Windows 10 VDI Connections for Orgs

Microsoft on Monday announced a coming preview of Windows Virtual Desktop, a new service that will deliver virtual Windows desktops and apps to end users from Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Microsoft Highlights Kubernetes Support on Windows Server 2019

Microsoft's No. 1 networking feature for the forthcoming Windows Server 2019 product is Kubernetes support, according to a Wednesday announcement.

Windows 10 Hyper-V Is (Probably) Not Going Away

There's a rumor that Microsoft is planning to replace Hyper-V with an alternative feature called simply "Virtual Machines." Brien breaks down just how little sense that would make.

How Will Windows Server 2019 Impact Hyper-V Architecture?

Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Server product looks to be jam-packed with new features. Here are some of the standouts, specific to Hyper-V.

Intel Issues Security Advisory on L1 Speculative Execution Attack Method

Intel, Microsoft and Red Hat issued security advisories on Tuesday for yet another speculative execution side-channel attack method, this time going by the "L1 Terminal Fault" name.

Provisioning Outdated OSes with Hyper-V 2016 Integration Services

Managing Integration Services used to be a pain until Microsoft began including it in all Windows OSes, starting with Windows Server 2016. But administrators of older platforms don't need to be left high and dry.

Retrieving Detailed Information About Hyper-V VMs

There is actually quite a bit of VM info that is hidden from view, but that can be exposed through the Get-VM cmdlet if you know how. Brien walks you through the steps.

Microsoft Releases System Center Version 1807

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the release of System Center version 1807, its latest semiannual channel update to its suite of management tools.

Fixing a Virtual Machine that's Stuck in a Saved State

There are a few reasons why a VM might be placed in a saved state, but the most common is that it needs to be backed up. Here's how to fix this.

Microsoft Previews New Windows Container Image for Windows Server

Microsoft on Wednesday announced a preview of a new Windows Server container image, which is available for testing by Windows Insider Program participants.

How Much Space Do You Get by Shrinking a Hyper-V VHD?

The answer lies in Hyper-V's Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard. Here's a walk-through.

Azure Kubernetes Service Now Commercially Available

The Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) reached "general availability" status on Wednesday, and can now be commercially used in 10 Azure regions.

What To Do When Hyper-V Runs Low on Disk Space

The obvious solution (add more physical storage) is usually easier said than done. Here are some short-term fixes that can buy you some time -- and reveal some pockets of spare storage you might not know you had.

How Microsoft Is Building Windows Server and Service Fabric To Address Developer Needs

Microsoft experts on Windows and Azure responded to a few questions post-Build about how the company has been simplifying the developer experience, from spinning up containers to tapping microservices.

How To Perform a USB Passthrough in Hyper-V

If you're familiar with how to access a USB device from inside a VMware environment, be aware -- the process isn't quite as seamless as it is in Hyper-V. Here's how to do it in Hyper-V at the host and client levels.

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