Top 7 Work-Related Windows Phone 7 Apps

So far, useful apps are hard to come by on Windows Phone 7 devices. But that doesn't mean there aren't any. Check out what apps we think are worth your time in the operating system's infancy.

So we were initially going to write an article listing great Windows Phone 7 apps specially designed for Windows IT pros like you. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone marketplace is pretty lacking compared to the Android Market and iPhone's iTunes apps store. So here's a list of some work-related apps that, while not able to help you troubleshoot your networking system, can still be useful for the day-to-day activities. If we missed any that is crucial to your day-to-day (or, even apps that are great time wasters), let us know in the comments below.

WinMilk Task Manager

Once I got my Windows Phone 7 device a few months ago, WinMilk Task Manager was the first app I loaded up. Without this handy list to lay out my day's agenda, I would be perpetually stuck in my apartment, with no direction in life. What's great about it is that tasks, dates and reminders can all be managed from a PC, once a free WinMilk account is created. And for those who absolutely need syncing with Outlook, it can do that as well… for a $25 fee.
Price: Free
Maker: Juliana Peña


HomePipe is a great app for accessing files located on your personal computer from your phone. And the best part is that there's no time wasted syncing or uploading to cloud storage. This app is very handy for viewing large documents and videos without using up all the storage of your phone designated for bird-flinging applications.
Price: Free
Maker: HomePipe Networks Inc.

Adobe Reader


This official app by Adobe allows for easy access to work material, manuals, articles, magazines and any other .PDF documentation. Personally, after jumping to a Windows Phone 7 device after using an iPhone for two years, reading .PDF attachments from e-mails in an instant is a definite upgrade.  It also runs and renders incredibly smooth and fast, even when zooming in and out.
Price: Free
Maker: Adobe

Review Horizon Analytics

Wait a second… I think we've actually found an app that may actually have some IT significance, at least for those who need to monitor and track company Web sites. This app gives you access to reporting trends and statistics, courtesy of Google Analytics. The ability to keep track of your own custom reports wherever you are is well worth the low entry fee.
Price: $1.99
Maker: Review Horizon



Got a home or work printer connected to the Internet? Then you can print from your phone to it. This handy, little app allows for printing of .pdf files, images and Yahoo, Gmail and AOL e-mails from any printer attached to a PC with the Windows host application.  This should make it pretty convenient for those IT pros constantly in the field to print out and share those hilarious e-mails from the technologically inept.
Price: Wait, sorry, this one's still in the testing phase. Patience.
Maker: Blue Planet Apps

Microsoft Office


Even though this comes as a pre-loaded app on Windows Phone 7 devices, it definitely deserves a spot on this list. I was a little skeptical about what would be included in a mobile version of Microsoft's Office. And much to my surprise, quite a lot. What you get is a shrunk-down version of Word, PowerPoint and Excel that acts very similar to their bigger counterparts. It also gives you access to your Sharepoint server. Although, for the three of you who are fans of the Office Ribbon, you'll be sorely disappointed.  
Price: Pre-loaded
Maker: Microsoft

Windows Live Messenger


Here's another no-brainer that, of course, comes pre-loaded with every Windows phone. Let me load it up and tell you about all the great features.  Hmm, I can't seem to find the application, guess I accidentally deleted it. Well, time to download it from the Microsoft Marketplace... What? No Windows Live Messenger client available? Who dropped the ball on this one?
Price: Doesn't exist
Maker: Should have been Microsoft

Did we miss any work-related apps you use? And what apps are you most waiting for to be rolled out on Windows Phone 7? Let us know in the comments!    

About the Author

Chris Paoli (@ChrisPaoli5) is the associate editor for Converge360.


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