SQL Server 2005 Gets Vista/Office 2007 Hooks

After years of slogging, Microsoft has turned the old SQL Server code it got from Sybase into a major database competitor. Now SQL Server 2005 is an even closer member of the Microsoft family by virtue of its new ties to Excel 2007, Visio 2007 and Vista.

All these hooks come courtesy of SQL Server 2005 SP2.

The Word Exploit Is Out
A week after fixing a few major Word zero-day vulnerabilities, Microsoft is fessing up to another one. This hole is only in older versions, specifically Office XP and Office 2000, and like the recently patched problem, can let a hacker take over your computer. Redmond is working on a fix as we speak.

YouTube: Be Careful What You Post
I love motorcycles (I have 14 of the darn things), but I hate certain people that ride them. I hate middle-aged men who buy a Harley as their first motorcycle and then claim that rice burners stink (these are the same guys that slam on their rear brakes when confronted by an obstacle that they promptly hit).

But more than that, I hate nuts on high-powered sport bikes that wheelie down the road wearing shorts and T-shirts, endangering themselves and all the cars they pass along the way.

One such moron got his just desserts in the U.K. Jeremy Parrot filmed himself pulling every knucklehead stunt in the book, then put the video up on YouTube. Can you say busted?

How To Load Vista (Mildly Funny)
I used to enjoy the "Opie and Anthony" show when it was on the radio in Worcester, Mass. They played music, made a few jokes and pulled a few pranks. Now that they have replaced Howard Stern, they feel compelled to talk for five hours a day, putting me to sleep after I've just woken up!

Anthony is actually the funny one and recently ran into some problems moving to Vista, which he chronicles in this almost amusing clip (trust me, this guy can be much funnier than this item indicates).

The Onion's Take on Vista (Halfway Funny)
The Onion is the epitome of American satire today. While not as side-splitting as the old National Lampoons I hid from my mother in the '70s (so she wouldn't steal them for herself), the Onion has a subtlety lost in the new generation of rude, crude, lewd and obvious humor.

In the Onion's list of the top eight Vista features, the first five are all snoozes, and the last three a hoot!

Doug's Mailbag: Does IE7 Overstay its Welcome?
Yesterday, I mentioned Ian Campbell's beef with IE7 -- first, that it's not worth it, and second, that it takes too long to uninstall. Here's what a few readers had to say in response:

He doesn't know what he's talking about this time. IE7 works fine for most of what people do. We have some applications that don't work with it yet but that is usually true of any new application. It takes time for other vendors to catch up. Other than a potential application incompatibility, I have found no reason to not like it.

I was cautious about IE7 and loaded the beta version for testing prior to allowing it to be sent to our XP users with AutoUpdate. I had zero problems with the IE7 beta (except it seemed to run slower). After the beta testing, I installed the released version, again with no problems. Since then, it has been delivered to all of our XP machines except one in the accounting department. It seems that the Wells Fargo Web site doesn't work with IE7. But as you know, Wells Fargo has had other issues with its Web site, too.

To summarize, IE7 works fine, Wells Fargo notwithstanding.

You say in the latest Redmond Report that you can spend hours removing IE7 so you can put on IE6. Well, I still can't remove IE7 beta! Can you tell us how to remove IE7 beta?

Any thoughts? Send them my way. Comment below or drop me a line at [email protected].

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