Free Software Group Opens 'Bad Vista' Site

The Free Software Foundation isn’t going to take it lying down -- Windows Vista, that is.

The organization has set up a site called that defines the arrival of Vista as "a moment where there could be a massive and sudden reduction in the freedom of computer users."

According to posts on the site, the FSF intends it to fulfill "a twofold mission of interrogating Vista and spotlighting free software alternatives." also takes a swipe at the technology press for not being more critical of Vista.

"We will ensure that each time reporters mention Vista, they will be comparing it not to Windows XP or Mac OS/X, but to gNewSense and other free software distributions. By making our criticisms from a place of freedom, we will ensure that comparisons focus on the ethical relationship between user and software -- not only on which system has the better graphical transparency or the superior benchmark performance."

Statements on the site go on to state "over the course of the next several months, this suggestion will look much more reasonable next to the alternative -- a painful and complicated Vista downgrade."

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