India Disloyal to Bill?

Bill Gates has given Bill-ions to India. So how is he repaid? With a big old Linux snub. That's right. An entire chunk of India is giving Windows the heave-ho, replacing it with Linux on all school PCs. So much for currying favor.

Cost (or no cost) aside, this is a great idea. It's likely that Indian students will end up using Windows at some point, so learning a whole ‘nuther system is great experience. It might also lead up-and-coming Indian programmers to put their weight behind Linux apps, giving all of us more choices.

Microsoft and Verizon (My Favorite DSL Provider) Do Business
Verizon broadband customers (I just ditched its DSL for cable) will soon be pelted with offers to use Windows Live services thanks to a new marketing agreement with Microsoft.

I've never used any of the services from Verizon or Comcast (which provides my cable modem service), so this doesn't seem like a big deal. But what do I know? Do you use the services that come with your broadband service, and if so, which ones and how well do they work? Let us know by posting below or e-mail me at [email protected].

Get Your Windows Software Here, Get Your Software!
So Verizon is now offering free Windows Live software for, well, free. But if you're looking to pay for software that costs money, Microsoft recently relaunched its Window Marketplace site.

The site showcases third-party tools that can be bought and downloaded on the spot. Besides greater security, the site has an expanded repertoire of titles -- everything from violent video games to high-end business apps.

Hmm. Redmond supporting third parties. Now that'ts a novel idea! For my hard-nosed take on Microsoft and its third parties, click here.

For more on the re-launch of Windows Marketplace, go here.

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