Does Disney Dig Too Deep?

I've never been a big fan of Disney. Maybe it was because I was forced to watch Mickey Mouse (who couldn't hold a candle to Bugs) or the fact that virtually everything in its parks is fake (even the lakes). But I've never actually disliked the company.

Now, I'm not so sure. I hadn't heard that Disney scans your fingerprint when you buy a ticket so that you and only you can use it. That's pretty bad. What's worse is Disney stores the scans, which means they could potentially be used against you. The whole thing sounds pretty creepy -- one more reason (besides the outrageous prices) for me for me to avoid the parks.

Virtual Edges Closer
Usually, I try to make up something pithy about the latest news, but in this case I am better off simply quoting the far more clever author of this news story, Stuart Johnston: “ Try saying this three times quickly: Microsoft is shipping Beta 2 of Virtual Server 2005 Release 2 Service Pack 1.”

This may sound ridiculous and confusing, but it is actually somewhat important. It means that a new virtual server tool that directly supports Intel and AMD hardware virtualization technology, and backup through Volume Shadow Service, is closer to shipping. Not sure if this enough to knock off VMware, but it is clear that both companies are starting to really push the envelope.

Decyphering Vista Build Numbers
For those that love a bit of trivia, or just care about all things Microsoft, our own aforementioned Stuart Johnston explains the unnecessary complexity that is Vista build naming.

It all makes sense, but how did Vista builds get into the high five thousands?

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