Got XP or Win 2000? Get To Patching

Hackers have a simple plan that doesn't take a whole heap of imagination: Wait for a patch, figure out what hole it fills, and attack the hole. Patch MS06-040 is the source of a new exploit making the rounds on the Internet -- rounds that soon turned into an automated bot attack. If you have XP SP1 (or lower) or Windows 2000 that isn't up-to-date with services packs and patches, get to it.

The attack allows for remote execution, something I'd love to do to anyone that takes control of my computer.

Windows Live Not as Hot as It Sounds, Former Exec Says
Niall Kennedy was an important member of Ray Ozzie's Windows Live team (at least according to his blog, driving the development of a wide-scale RSS tool. But Kennedy, who literally though he was going to change the world, was disillusioned. He recently left Microsoft to start his own company, saying that Wall Street pressure forced Microsoft to de-invest in Live, at least the RSS part, leaving the whole effort in chaos, limbo and frustration.

I argued before that Redmond should be free to invest however it sees fit. Apparently, Kennedy thinks I was right.

IBM Versus Microsoft: The Fight Resumes
In the old days I loved watching Microsoft and IBM at each throats -- up until the point that IBM got thoroughly throttled! IBM is looking to go after Redmond again, at least in the content management space where its $1.6 billion FileNet buy gives it something to put up against SharePoint.

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